The Middle (S09E20) "Great Heckspectations"

As the end of the school year is coming up, prom is approaching as well and Brick (who got his driver’s license without his parents knowing about it) is forced to go. He has to ask Cindy (Casey Burke) to prom and does it with a proper promposal. She turns him down at first, but when Brick goes with his original plan of Bernie the Bookmark, Cindy agrees to go with him. Frankie decides to throw a pre-prom party and invites Brick’s old social skills group. When (hatless!!) Cindy and the guys from the social skills group arrive, Frankie starts to realize that everybody has grown up and grown out of their quirks except for Brick. When they all leave for prom, she gets worried. But there’s nothing to be worried about as Brick is having a great evening. He and Cindy are at the public library enjoying their own prom together, as Brick says: “I’ve got everything I love here; books and you”.

Meanwhile, after Lexie hears that Axl never got Sue a gift for her 21st birthday, she convinces him to do something about it. Sue is very excited to hear her brother has something in store for her, but Axl can’t seem to come up with something to give her. He then tells her that the experience he’s planning for her will take place on Saturday, giving Axl a few more days to come up with something. However, when it’s Saturday Axl still doesn’t have an idea so he just tries to wing it. He blindfolds Sue and takes her around town, waiting for an idea to pop up, until they get back to her room. When Sue realizes that her brother didn’t actually have anything planned, she gets mad at him for not caring as much about her as she does about him. However, she seems to forgive him after Frankie tells her that when they were younger, Axl used to adore her. He even gave her Woofy Dog, a stuffed animal that Sue still has to this day, to protect her.

This week we said goodbye to another great recurring character: Cindy. And once again, the goodbye was very fitting and nice. I really loved Brick’s storyline. I thought it was great that we got to see Brick go to prom and his preparation for that. Cindy looked amazing, not only without the hat but also in her dress. We also got to say goodbye to Brick’s social skills group, something that I didn’t know I wanted until I saw them. We haven’t seen the social skills group in a long time and it was nice to see them all grown up and normal.

Besides the nice callback to Brick’s social skills group, Mike also referred to a story back in season 2 (episode 2, Homecoming). Who doesn’t remember Brick and Mike setting the leaves free in the wild…

920 - The Middle (S09E20) "Great Heckspectations"

Anyway, that scene between Frankie and Mike after Brick left for prom was very sweet. And I’m happy they didn’t need anything to worry about because Brick was doing just fine during prom. I really loved that Brick and Cindy just created their own prom in the library instead of going to the school’s prom. It seems like they’re really perfect for each other. As we’ve seen more this season, the writers really know how to finish up the stories for the recurring characters on the show and this story was the perfect way to do that for Cindy.

I also enjoyed the other storyline with Axl and Sue. I just love how excited Sue can still get over very small things and I was happy to see that Axl wanted to try to get her something for her birthday. Axl’s struggle to find something good for Sue, while they were walking around town was funny. However, it would’ve been nice if Axl actually came up with something to give her or something to do for her. Sweet moments between Sue and Axl don’t happen very often, but when they do, the scenes are always great. Their relationship has really grown over the years. In the end I did love Frankie’s story about Axl and Sue when they were younger. It was very sweet to hear this and a nice way to end the storyline.

The last, very small story of Mike trying to fix the remote control was fun too. I was happy for him that he actually fixed it. I should’ve known better than to be happy for him though because Mike never seems to be able to get a win, and apparently he breaks the TV after fixing the remote.

There are only three The Middle Tuesday’s left. The last few episodes of the series will air in the upcoming weeks, without any breaks. Make sure you’ll be watching Tuesday May 8th, 8:30/7:30 on ABC.