Chicago PD (S05E21) "Allegiance"

With Al arrested, does Voight have one more card up his sleeve to help his old partner?

Just like the previous episode, “Allegiance” puts Voight in between situations one being the case of the week of a undercover gun take down and Al getting arrested that puts much stress to his ability. With Atwater and Halstead going undercover to take down a gun deal that left Atwater in a tight situation between brothers, who one of them had to kill in order to make their boss accept and do the deal, but when telling Voight about it, he just replies to Atwater to whatever you had to do to get it done. For which, they did.

But it was the Al story that might have stolen the episode and Voight trying his best to get him out and drop the charges. Using one last card, asking Tommy Wells to take role of the judging for Al. With Al staying in jail, his wife trying to get him to tell the truth and not stand by the code, and the meeting between Voight and Al’s wife wasn’t pleasant at all. But by the time the bail sentencing, Wells was a no show, knowing that Woods had something to do with it.

Back at the Intelligence, Voight returns stunned and being asked by Antonio about what they could do, but Voight provokes and pushes him and them away while he goes to his office and takes a drink and thinking. It leads to him walking up to Woods’ home and wanted to talk. But by the time he get there, Al gets a surprise of someone stabbing him in the stomach multiple times leaving him to bleed out and to be continued.

“Allegiance” was a strong character driven episode arc for Voight of his downfall from Woods, who’s power is taking him to greater lengths than anyone before. The episode really accelerate to intense and emotional moments, mostly to Voight whether it’s trying to take down this gun deal with gang members or dealing with Al’s case. I would be surprised if Voight really confess to his doing of that suspect, mainly because I think he might have one last move, but what would I know it’s been five seasons and I’m still surprised at times. The episode lives to the hype after the previous episode. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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You can catch the season finale of Chicago PD next Wednesday at 10/9c on NBC.