Colony (S03E01) Maquis (Spoilers Ahead)

Did you figure it out?  What was that infamous button Snyder pushed?  I’ll give you a hint:  the world’s still here.

The third season of the critically acclaimed show Colony premiered after a long hiatus tonight, answering some of the viewers burning questions from last season.

The show picks up six months since the Total Rendition that ended last season’s cliff hanger.  The Bowmans (Will, played by Josh Holloway, Katie, played by Sarah Wayne Callies, Bram, played by Alex Neustaedter, Gracie, played by Isabella Crovetti, and Charlie, played by Jacob Buster) and Allen Snyder (played by Peter Jacobson) are hiding out in the woods, seemingly leading an un-bothered life of hunting and gathering while maintaining watch on the drones.  They’ve been unable to reach the resistance without giving up their real identities and Will and Katie haven’t been eager to do that, even though they want to so they can hand over the gauntlet.

When a RAP ship crashes near them, the Bowmans are thrown back into the action.  Will has been quiet, content to sit and wait, but Bram has been anxious to get the gauntlet back to the resistance and calls on Katie to help him.  He plays on her past with the resistance to try to get her on his side.  While this is happening, Will and Snyder go to check on the RAP crash to see what response has been sent to deal with it.  The biggest shock of the episode so far is that drones start attacking the downed ship, making Will question Snyder about what the hell’s going on.  Snyder looks panicked, but says he doesn’t know what’s going on.

They discover a grey hat team is coming to raid the cabin, and Will and Snyder get there just in time to warn Katie and the kids follow their escape plan by splitting up, but instead of going with the kids, Snyder says he’s going to help Will and Katie, that he “owes them.”  Will uses the fact that he knows the drones only fire at moving targets to his advantage, and escapes the men closing in by going into a “killing zone” and using the men’s own drones against them.

Finally, we find out what the button was.  What did you guys think?  Did you guess it was a locator device?  Because if you did, you’d be right.  Snyder was a mole all along, implanted with the Bowmans to try to find the missing host.  That, and the fact that the aliens are actually. at war with each other, were the two biggest take aways, (though one might have been slightly more surprising than the other).  The premier ends with Bram making contact with the resistance, while Katie and Will are scouring the area and find a host.

So what was the biggest shocker for you watching this episode?  There was just so much information to unpack already.  Is Snyder really a mole?  Or is he playing both sides again?  Are the aliens really at war?  Who is this contact Bram made?  Let me know what you guys think is going to happen this season by leaving me a comment and let’s discuss.