Real Housewives of New York (S10E05) Tea for Tat

The girls get on with their lives, getting ready for the holidays in NYC.  Ramona’s planning a intimate shopping party at Henri Bendel’s, Bethenny’s planning another trip to Puerto Rico, and the rest of the girls are gossiping and spreading lies, you know, the usual.

Bethenny shows Sonja her latest real estate project, which is absolutely beautiful.  Her master closet alone is bigger than most NYC apartments.  She feels sorry for Sonja after the girls ganged up on her over the weekend, and wanted to see how she was doing.  Bethenny has become the Sonja Whisperer, and translated why Sonja was so upset with Tinsley after the dinner party.  Sonja explained she’s pissed still that Tinsley made it seem like Sonja’s townhouse was the reign of hell, when, in reality, Tinsley could’ve left at any moment to stay at a hotel like she’s doing now (which is something I don’t think anyone will truly understand.)  Bethenny makes a crack about how good it would be if Sonja could be like twitter and be 140 characters or less in her explanations.

Tinsley and Carole’s relationship is growing, Tinsley being Carole and Adam’s biggest cheerleader.  Tinsley is obsessed with making Carole label their relationship, and Carole couldn’t really care less, as long as Adam knows if he steps out on her, he’s going to be missing a vital part of his anatomy.  (Just joking, I think.).  Speaking of relationships, Tinsley is obsessed with making Scott her boyfriend, to the point where she flies to Chicago on weekends trying to cement the deal.  I’m getting major Schaena/Rob vibes from this, though I do think they’re cute together.  Something about it just seems off.

Dorinda and LuAnn meet up to help LuAnn look for a new apartment, and the conversation immediately turns to the fight with Sonja.  LuAnn is sticking up for Sonja, which is surprising, given how much they’ve been at odds over the last few years because of Tom.   As soon as Dorinda hears Sonja’s name, she goes off again, saying, “God bless you for being forgiving, because I can’t.  I was about to hit her.  Ramona actually quelled it.  Sonja’s like a rattlesnake.  You pick her up by the tail and shake and don’t let that face come up and bite you,” in a similar analogy she used when describing Ramona season 8 in Miami.  Dorinda seems to have it out for Sonja, coming after her every single episode.  It’s only episode five and this fight is exhausting.

Bravo shows a glimpse of Tinsley’s life as a fully grown Eloise at her hotel.  She’s getting ready to go to Ramona’s party that night and has a stylist come over to curl her hair.  Yes, to curl her hair.  Bravo finally breaks that last barrier and has a full on product placement add for Nivea lotion during the scene, which, let’s be honest, was always coming.  After the stylist leaves, Tinsley gets the surprise of her life.

Was this the engagement we thought the trailer teased at the beginning of the season?  Nope, not even close.  It was Scott coming to surprise Tinsley because of prompting by Carole from behind the scenes.  In one of the most dramatic reunions of all time, even surpassing soldiers coming home from the front.  Watch the clip and you’ll see what I mean.  Scott whisks Tinsley away early for her weekend trip to Chicago, meaning she can’t attend Ramona’s soiree later that night.  What a shame.

Speaking of Ramona, you’d think nothing could top that dramatic scene, but then, have you met Ramona?  She’s in Ramona mode, getting the iconic store Henri Bendel up to her standards for her friends.  Of course, she had to give a little dig, saying not everything could be about charity, which honestly, just made her look shallow.  She added to that by also inviting LuAnn and Tom’s ex, the notorious Missy, who lost Tom to LuAnn that night at the Regency.  I don’t think the Upper East Side has yet to recover from Tom yet.  They exchange words, saying they don’t have any hard feelings towards each other, and seem to be able to be cordial together.

Speaking of moving on, Ramona and Sonja see each other for the first time since the text heard around the world.  At first it’s the stare down across the O. K. Corral, but Sonja breaks the ice and they make up.  Long Live Ramonja!

What did you think of the episode?  Are Sonja and Ramona really good again?  What do you feel is behind Dorinda’s constantly attacking Sonja?  Let me know what you think about this season’s dynamics in the comments below.