Riverdale (S02E18) "A Night to Remember"

Musical episodes in shows have always been somewhat cringy but the incorporation of an actual musical to this episode was a smart move to make as it stitched together an amazing episode. The twists and turns in Riverdale have never been disappointing and this episode proves just that. And the finale scene which proved to cement the Black Hood’s return was nothing short of intense and intriguing.

choni - Riverdale (S02E18) "A Night to Remember"

With preparations of the show underway we see a lot of different things happen to the characters individually like for instance the show is what brings Josie and Cheryl back together. Not to mention the adorable scenes between Cheryl and Toni which has become an all-time favorite ship to the fans, one may even say it rivals Bughead’s popularity amongst the fans. The writers keep on skirting addressing Cheryl’s mental issues which is somehow disappointing as delving more into this story line might help us understand her character better not to mention the possibility of a great story arc it will bring. I personally would like to know how Cheryl came about to be the way she is, how and why her relationship with her mother is so strained to the point where they constantly have to threaten each other.

cheryl - Riverdale (S02E18) "A Night to Remember"

As for the Coopers seeing Alice’s heartbreak over losing Chic and her fear of Betty leaving her proved to show how much she really loves her children. Again we get to see phenomenal acting from Maadchen Amick which really makes you sympathize with the character and makes you feel her character’s grief. As for Falice shippers pretty sure their hopes were squashed with the turn of events with Alice forgiving Hal quite easily  but the angst building up to Falice actually happening if it ever does is making their storyline even more interesting.

The one actual best parent on the show sadly gets screwed by his only son at every chance he gets which is sort of annoying. Writers please give Fred a better arc the man is nothing short of a saint if we ignore his relationship with Hermoine. FRED ANDREWS DESERVES BETTER. Although the scene where Archie stands up to Hiram is a start on his way to redeeming himself as his character lately has been annoying. The scene itself was a shocker as lately he has been proving to be at Hiram’s beck and call.

L really liked seeing Betty throwing shade in this episode I want the writers to give us more scenes like this and to also address the mental issues Betty seems to have. Also wanted the writers to explore more of the rift between Betty and Veronica but unfortunately the two seem to have made up in this episode. Hopefully  things will hit the roof when Betty learn of Archie’s awareness and involvement with Hiram’s plans and dealings which might make this resolution between the two a short time deal. As much as I love Beronica things seem more interesting when they are feuding.

Lastly seeing how far Chuck has come and seeing people acknowledging it is amazing but with Riverdale you never quite know if you can fully trust a character so here’s to hoping his development is an actual one and not a ploy by the writers for some big twist. One thing I really like about characters in Riverdale is that there are no perfect characters each of them have their flaws and shining moments which make them likeable to their audience.

As much as mysteries are what drives the show I’m worried that the finale is approaching and there are a lot of unanswered questions which may go about never being answered. I really hope that’s not the case as the writers have left a lot of incomplete story lines with us which the curiosity on them is driving us insane as we’re left to wonder and come up with our theories which is fun for a while but the need to know stills nags at us.

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