Riverdale (S02E19) "Prisoners"

ver - Riverdale (S02E19) "Prisoners"
The return of Nick St. Claire in this episode was unnecessary plot filler but with the way the events played out could this mean a war has been waged between the Lodges and the St.Claires. Despite what Veronica  did being brave it can also be categorized as stupid  after all with the connections the St.Claires have  to the mob one is left to think they wouldn’t take it lightly that they were coaxed into paying money for the safety of their son. One can only hope that they take actions into their own hands as I can barely see anyone else causing Hiram’s downfall.
betty - Riverdale (S02E19) "Prisoners"
Again another bombshell is dropped on us when learning that Chic is an impostor we finally learn of his true intentions and what actually happened to Charles. The news on FP being the father wasn’t much of a shocker as majority of the fandom had already suspected but I have to give it to the writers for trying to throw us of the scent with Alice previously denying it. Finally Falice shippers me included can rejoice as this news solidifies all of our suspicions that FP and Alice had a relationship in the past though we are yet to learn the magnitude of it as we are only left with the characters hinting at it being a mistake.
falice - Riverdale (S02E19) "Prisoners"
The scene where Alice learns of Chic’s identity and the death of her son is another heart breaking scenes but at the same time phenomenal acting by the Maadchen Amick. Speaking of phenomenal performances FP’s (Skeet Ulrich) reaction to learning about the whole fiasco was nothing short of heart shattering and yet despite all that he comforts Alice which really makes you question what sort of history the two share. After everything Alice has done to the serpents and him, FP is still willing to help her in whatever way possible which is more than what Hal ever did.

Betty (Lily Reinhart) in this episode was a total badass as we see her unleash her fury on Chic but the acting was extremely on point with the emotions running high especially when she pulled a gun on Chic. The return of the Black Hood really makes you question his identity as he seems to be aware of a lot of things even things that people have kept hidden. One thing I’m looking forward is to learning of his identity, how he is aware of everything and his motive behind doing what he does. Betty’s suspicion at the end towards Hal being the Black Hood seems too easy but what if it is true? Only time will tell.

Poor Sherriff Keller the whole town seems to want his head on a stick yet they fail to realize the man tries his best with the lack of necessary resources in the department. Seeing such a strong man break down in this episode was disheartening but who knows maybe we will finally see father and son duo team up to catch the Black Hood.

As for Archie I’m still surprised at how dumb he really is after Hiram’s unwillingness to help him out even after everything he’s done for him he still asks to prove himself. I’m left to hoe he’s playing an angle on Hiram and he isn’t so far gone that he’s willing to take out the Black Hood to prove something to Hiram. Things are definitely getting more interesting and more intense as the season comes close to the finale.

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