Star (S02E15) "Let the Good Times Roll"

Mama Alex’s back!  Rose Crane. (Naomi Campbell)  I missed her! #outrageous

At the studio Carlotta enters, beautiful in white. Alex is there with Noah. Noah has the opportunity to get a sponsor, Principle Underwear. They want to see him showcase at the Gay Pride in N’Awlins. If he works well, he’s in. He hesitates, then agrees #gaypride

Ayanna is back & as fierce as ever. Charles Floyd is in a sex scandal #metoo so he surrendered the reigns to his daughter ‘Leaving Maurice begging again & Jahil on the 💩list

Angel thinks Simone’s a virgin. That’s why she’s so shaky & nervous around him; & don’ t wanna “do it”  Andy thinks it’s cause she’s gay.  But it’s about…Otis. The molestation & rape.

Jayden (Traycee Malachi) comes to visit his dad & …grandparents. Lottie & grandpa! 😁 Nakisha (Ashani Roberts) didn’t tell him about his dad. She can do it! (Cotton) He’s there for the weekend & Kisha leaves.  And so Cotton does what needs to be done.  #justthe2ofus
At the  Gay Pride Festival, there is an immediate bomb threat. The hotel is on lockdown. No body’s coming in nor going out!
Back at the boarding house, Ruby is spending ALL of Derek’ s money. She’s fixing up the house. UPS is bizzy! He doesn’t know…yet #stealing

Rose pops up as Alex & Noah begin to get bizzy. She’s devastated and is divorcing Crane. Sum’n about a sex tape.
Star slaps Jax and calls him a pig, after he wants a kiss. So then they do kiss & then ease into the bedroom. He looks like a better groomed & kinder Hunter. 😍

In the after glow; there isn’t one. She kicks him out, after he asks a favor. “Pass my demo to Reece” 

Andy goats Noah into a fight. His dad was on the DL and he left Noah and his mom for another guy. So yes, being in N’Awlins is freaking him out.

So Star sneaks him out. They go to a gay bar.  He sings thru his pain. 🎶”Dance with My Father, Again” 🎤 It’s really good. Still don’ t like his hair.  And he’s better with Star.

Simone is smoking outside. #cigarette She slaps Angel, after a flashback of her rape & he touched her.  Po- Po rolls up! His last name is Rivera! So he’s cuffed, as they call it in.  😕 He’s cleared. “Adios Amigo” Po Po says. #nowords

Carlotta sees Nat kissing Reece. She walks away unseen; disgusted & hurt

Carlotta cannot keep a man. Jahil, The Preacher, now Maurice! She later slugs him like Cleo in “Set it Off” It’s a beautiful thing. 🥊
Ms Bruce is showcasing. Strutting to the music and kicking off Gay Pride, in da’club. The bomb threat is lifted “yay!”

And Ms. Bruce can sang!🎤  Lawd! 🎶 Alex joins her on stage, voguing. So…”Let the Good Times, Roll!” 

Rose gets a bottle, gets in Noah’s bed; he crawls in, kisses her. thinking she is Alex. I’m thinking Break Up! “Yes!” 👊👋

But when Alex enters the room, she understands. This is “what Rose do” So there’s nothing to forgive. Don’t like this coupling @ all. 
Rose is drunk & slides to the floor, when attempting to get up, get dressed & leave #knockedout.  Naomi is rocking this role. Now we just need Pops to make an appearance. 😏😍 # lennykravitz

And drinking again on the Q.T is Noah! He has a flask. He needs rehab or…Star! 

Back at the ranch ‘er salon: Cotton has her hands full with the obnoxious, Jayden. He’s everything from, feet on the table, rapping, “ho’s and THOTs, to proclaiming he’z the up & coming GOAT in Basketball. It’s possible. He already has the obnoxiousness of another sports kid, his age. Yeah. You know who I’m talking about. 🏀

Finding out his dad is this woman, doesn’t sit well  with Jayden. He goes to play a game & speaks to Cotton, without breaking his gaming stride. He shares, he won’t be returning to visit and will let his mom know.  He then begins to seize and falls over. Somebody call 911!

4 ☆☆☆☆. Not bad. Star airs, Wednesdays, 9:00 p.m. Pacific Time on Fox