The Originals (S05E03) ‘Ne Me Quitte Pas’

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Somebody… Somebody that I used to know.
In the final season, Elijah (Daniel J. Gillies) gets a standalone episode. Tonight’s episode was written by Michelle Paradise and K.C. Perry. It was directed by Joseph Morgan.

Elijah Mikaelson (Daniel J. Gillies) delivered a masterful performance.

They literally threw away 4 seasons of “Always and Forever” in 1 episode. What happened to Elijah Mikaelson saying this to Klaus: “Family is power, Niklaus. Love, loyalty; that’s power. This is what we swore to one another a thousand years ago, before life tore away what little humanity you had left, before ego, before anger, before paranoia created in this person before me someone I can barely even recognize as my own brother. This is us. The Original family and we remain together, always and forever. I am asking you to stay here. I will help you and I will stand by you. I will be your brother. We will build a home here together. So, save this girl. Save your child.” (S1E1 Always and Forever. – Are we losing our minds, here?) I understand Elijah Mikaelson (Daniel J. Gillies) has been compelled by Marcel Gerard (Charles Michael Davis) at the end of last season. Which, I still find incredibly inarticulate. We can all agree that it was a plot point and absolutely makes no sense.

Before we start, I’d like to bring something to everyone’s attention regarding Antoinette (Jaime Murray). Klaus has been hunting down all their families’ enemies, all over the world, right? In the blind effort to protect Elijah, who has no idea, who he is or what he is.  Klaus mentioned something in the first episode, (S5XE01) about killing French families. We know Antoinette speaks French, one could only assume she would be of that origin as well. We could also assume she is one of the families’ enemies looking to kill ‘The Original Family’. I am not buying her whole spiel. She seems as sketchy as hell to me. I am marking her as an enemy.

We start the episode off, Elijah getting off a bus somewhere. He ‘s hungry. I will mention he’s quite fascinated with a vending machine. Where he tries to purchase potato chips! Since, when did Original Vampires ever eat, anything? (NEVER, THAT’S WHEN.) He punches a hole right through the machine. Where his hand starts to bleed and there is a daylight ring on his hand. It suddenly (right before his eyes, instantaneously heals!). We see a stranger walking up from behind and asks, “What’s wrong?”. Suddenly Elijah has his tasty afternoon snack. A human. Elijah has become quite a “renegade” these days. He proceeds to hot wire a pick-up truck. Not much later, Elijah is feeding off a person in an alley. Where he is suddenly hearing a female voice? Who could this be now? Antoinette the evil vampire killer? (Do vampires whisper?)

“I’m not big on audiences, so you better run.” – Antoinette
“Why don’t you help me?” – Elijah
“You’ve never heard of vampires?” – Antoinette

Interesting. So, Antoinette wants to come off like she is an enemy? Or someone to be feared. Elijah disregards her as if she won’t hurt him. Personally, I see this whole thing as a set-up for a trap. As if she is drawing him into her web. AND why is Elijah telling a stranger so much of his personal business? Well, what he can remember at least. I love Elijah. amnesic Elijah needs to be protected by Klaus and the rest of The Original family. They continue having a conversation. Elijah is describing to Antoinette what he can remember. “A shade of a man. The letter “E” and it has something to do with him. Or a man he might know. (Somebody that I used to know. Somebody…) I will totally honest here. How was Marcel still able to compel Elijah “Who is an Original Vampire” when he was no longer a “Super Hybrid”. Vincent? What gives here.

Antoinette spends a lot of time explaining to Elijah, the sensory and motor skills, feelings of a vampire. The irony that amnesic Elijah has found Jesus.  I felt really disgusted that Antoinette was going to teach Elijah how to “compel” someone. (Elijah knows how to compel and cannot be compelled!) Only to discover a message in Elijah’s box that said: “DON’T LOOK BACK!” (I wonder who that was from… whistles). This night of sheer torture would not get better until… Elijah and his latest pal went out for a night on the town. Where is Hayley, btw? (Phoebe J. Tonkin). I am not enjoying this episode at all. I thought stand-alone was all about, Elijah. Not all about Elijah and Antoinette. I am calling this now. The fans have spoken, we want #Haylijah. Elijah is feeding off people in the club. Meanwhile, Antoinette has disappeared. Hayley would never do that. I don’t care what anyone says, she (Antoinette) is on the sketchy side. OMG, how does she know about Manosque? The place he wanted to live with his future wife, Hayley Marshall. I just cannot. They would not leave well enough alone though. Wow! Just throw some mud in my eye. Guess where Elijah is with Antoinette? They are in Manosque! The same place he wanted to take Hayley to live and get married. (NOTE: I just want to point out all the things Elijah wants to do with Hayley, are being acted out via Antoinette? Coincidence or not? You tell me, friends. You think when the gal pal finds out about Elijah and Hayley’s twin flame love, she won’t be looking to end her? Think again.)
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That plot device will be inspired by Antoinette, Hayley’s death. Elijah seems to be manipulated by her. Shall we call it the “Siren’s Super Vampire/Witch Call?” Elijah asks her to marry him. (Fans cringe world-wide). Until that is when brother Klaus shows up! Finally. I love you, Klaus. Where have you been? He tries talking to Elijah. It doesn’t work. I felt it was a vile move seeing Klaus Mikaelson (Joseph Morgan) in a fetal position on the floor. He was mourning the death of Elijah. When Freya (Riley Voelkel) called Klaus. It was like all our hearts were being ripped out simultaneously. Any scene that Elijah (Daniel J. Gillies) and Klaus (Joseph Morgan) interact in together. It’s like being witness to a Shakespearean play. They are just that terrific to witness together. Klaus is trying his damnest to get Elijah to remember him. “Playing ghetto in the countryside” Elijah knocks Klaus down. “There consequences weren’t dire. Hayley is missing. My daughter. You love us. You love me.” – Klaus tells Elijah. “Slim Shady stabs Klaus in the back with a wooden stake. Oh, silly girl! You need a white oak dagger. Klaus pulls it out. Elijah tells him. “Elijah Mikaelson is dead.” Klaus leaves.
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We see Elijah sitting at the jazz bar.
“What are you doing here?” – Antoinette
“Did you learn anything about your past?” – Elijah
“Only obsessing about my past gives me torment and misery.” – Elijah

This was interesting. Does Elijah remember his family? When Marcel went to see him 2 years ago, did he reverse the compulsion? What exactly happened to Elijah? All I know this is not the OG Elijah we have all grown to love.  Who would die and sacrifice anything for his family? This stinks! The Original TPTB and writers, you’ve been put on notice.

We finally know where they are. Elijah is in NYC. Obviously, Antoinette said her goodbyes. Elijah reverts to his Red Door self. He is killing every single person in the club. Guess who’s there? Marcel Gerard. “Did you forget to read the note in your pocket too?” (DON’T LOOK BACK.) Curious, Elijah questions who Marcel is. “It doesn’t matter. “Somebodies coming back to town soon. I’ll kill you if you don’t leave.” – Marcel warns Elijah.

“You did this for someone. A kid, a girl. They mean everything to you.” – Marcel telling Elijah (Cough *ANVIL* Hayley and Hope*) I cannot tell you how much I loathe the HOLLA storyline. IF this is the reason that the family is still separated, Elijah and Hayley are apart. The rest of the couples aren’t separated and why amazing characters are dead. (Camille O’Connell.) Damn, you! Damn, you.

Elijah and Antoinette are together. (I shudder). Proceeded by Elijah taking off his daylight ring. He opens the curtain (In a dramatic-like Elijah flair) and burns in the sun.
We wait for the real Elijah to return to us.

‘The Originals’ (S5E03) ‘Ne Me Quitte Pas’ Thoughts to Ponder:

  • How was Antoinette able to resist Klaus’ compulsion? That goes against the mythology of this show. (You are not making any sense here! No one can resist an Original Vampire’s compulsion.)tumblr opwrdrksud1sa0lndo1 500 haylijahshippersclub tumblr com haylijah 4x8 may 24 17 - The Originals (S05E03) ‘Ne Me Quitte Pas’                                     EDIT: @haylijahshippersclub via @tumblr


  • Elijah looks at Hayley with so much deep affection and love in his eyes. That is the “Twin Flame Connection”. The same cannot be said for Antoinette.
  • Feeding off a person or vampire release a hormone allows you to live in the sun without a daylight ring? Sound dicey to me.

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