Timeless (S02E07) "Mrs. Sherlock Holmes"

As this season gets closer to its close, I’m still astounded at the quality content Timeless can deliver. From one powerful subject to the next, this show touches on how delicate the re-shaping of a nation can be. How one person, one action, or even one item could have changed the course of political and social change. This episode, in particular, tugged at such heartstrings that Grace’s (Sarah Sokolovic) speech brought me to tears. Was it the buildup before that point, was it the power in her voice, or was it the real seriousness of the content that hit my button? Days later I’m still not 100% sure, but I do know that my love for this show grows each episode.
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The Mother Ship and Other Ships
#Lyatt – Wyatt, (Matt Lanter) what the actual hell are you playing at man? That look he gives Lucy (Abigail Spencer) while he is kissing his wife Jessica (Tonya Glanz) makes me want to slap him in that smug, yet beautiful face. All I can say is, yuck. Thankfully, Lucy remains high-brow and keeps him at a healthy distance despite her breaking heart. Perhaps Wyatt should be doing the same thing since we have yet to learn why Jessica’s face was on that Rittenhouse storage drive. When RH saved her, did they make her one of them? Wouldn’t that be a twist?! Hopefully, we will find out in one of the next few episodes.

#Nicma? – Speaking of gross things, Em (Annie Wersching) is back for one more tour with Team Life Boat, in a surprising temporary triple cross. I’m confused, but I’m for it. While her story seems compelling and possibly real, she is so gung-ho Rittenhouse that it seems hard to imagine. I mean, did she just make out with her grandfather? Is there a historical twist I’ve forgotten about? Maybe I need to re-watch an episode or two…

#Riya – At least Jiya (Claudia Doumit) and Rufus (Malcolm Barrett) seem to be coming to more of an understanding. They are the strongest couple in the series, and I want to see them succeed SO BADLY. While we’ve seen Rufus all over time, we just haven’t gotten enough of Jiya, or the two together this season.

#Garcy – Not much happening here, except Flynn (Goran Višnjić) showing up as a tried and true member of the team. He seems to be trying to convince Lucy that he knows her better than she knows herself, and it’s not going over well. Be it true or not; Lucy is not assured. At least he’s showing up for the team on pretty much every level. I’m sure Rufus can attest to that!

Do you remember the episode where we learned what detective nicknames from the turn of the century? Keep that in mind as you read on, because out of context it may seem obscene. While this joke is ever so juvenile, I was so tickled that a belly laugh erupted and I rewound a bit for a second viewing:
“Hey look, a couple of Dicks.” – Emma
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