Tokyo Ghoul1: re (S01E02) “Fragments: member”

Ok so Tokyo Ghoul suddenly really got interesting there is a lot that went down in episode two so let’s jump into how this episode begins.

Episode two  immediately  start off we’re episode one ended Haise Sasaki about to battle this unknown stranger. As the battle begins both the stranger and Haise Sasaki begin to fight. The stranger looks to be having the upper hand but that turn around quick when Haise Sasaki allow his ghoul side to come out which ends up beating.

As soon as Haise Sasaki approaches this  mysterious person wearing a mask he  immediately  recognizes him. It ends up being none other than Nishiki Nishio. Now here’s why this is important the scenes they show were some from season one of Tokyo Ghoul I believe and season two which make this season connect to the other two so season two may not be all that retconned which I really like.

However when this  revelation happens Haise Sasaki starts to go in a ghoul breakdown because past repressed memories start to comeback which allows Nishiki Nishio a way to excape. In order to contain Haise from getting all his memories back and lashing out agent Motto had to shoot him from afar with a  tranquilizer sniper rifle.

The next day Motto tells chief Yoshitoki Washu everything that happen in person along with the report she hands to him. As she leave she start to wonder what his true intentions are  considering his choices on how he handing the task for by having Haise on it.

The next scene after that we see Haise being upset at Kuki Urie for his action because he did not follow orders and almost got some of Haise squad members killed for being reckless. Kuki Urie just sort of brushes it off while throwing it back in Haise face how he thinks he better which dose not go over well.

After that scene we see Haise talking to special investgator Kisho Arima about his choice of action while training with him. Haise start to talk about the voice  that he keep hearing in his head that wants out. After he done training Haise starts questioning himself on who he is while being worried about losing the colleagues he considers his family .

After Haise disagreements with Kuki Urie Kuki goes to a doctor about taking a  procedure that would raise his powers but in order to do this he needs certain people to sign off on it.

As the episode begins to wrap up we get  introduced to the next ghoul the task force has to track down and it goes by the name of the nutcracker and yeah it pretty  obvious why this ghoul name that considering what this ghouls dose.

Right before the day ends Haise take some of his  colleagues to this coffee shop he likes. As veiwers start to see this coffee shop looks very familiar. As Haise is about to sit down with his colleagues Touka Kirishima walk in mid conversation but suddenly stop as you can tell she knows who this person is. She give him a cup of coffee as Haise drink tears begin to fall from him hinting at the fact that Ken Kaneki is still very much a part of Haise Sasaki as the episode ends.

All I got to say is wow this episode delivered while I did like first episode it did leave me a little puzzled on what was going on but this episode cleared that up.While I not too sold on some of the new characters they are growing on me.The battle scene at the beginning was really neat. I also like the fact that this episode tell you that two years have past which mean that this is probably two years about season two. I almost most say that last shot at the end with Haise and Touka was beautifully done.

over Tokyo Ghoul Re episode two would get a solid 5/5

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