Arrow (S06E20) "Shifting Allegiances" and (S06E21) "Docket No. 11-19-41-73"

Let’s start with the 20th episode. Everyone is still trying to stop Diaz (Kirk Acevedo) by all means possible, so Oliver (Stephen Amell) himself decided to pay a visit to Bratva and fix Anatoly’s (David Nykl) relationship with them in order to get him to work together. Sadly, that firstly didn’t go the way he had hoped, as Anatoly told him he is no longer an honorable man and he zapped him and then tied him up.

Rene (Rick Gonzalez) finally returned from the hospital and it looks like he is ready to get back to business. So is Laurel (Katie Cassidy), who led Diaz directly to the new mayor Lance (Paul Blackthorne), even though she truly didn’t want to do that. Of course Diaz blackmailed him and got his way.

Back to Rene and his team. They found Diaz’s gun supplier. Even though they actually went searching for drugs – and so did Diggle (David Ramsey) with the help of Argus. They all attacked The Quadrant, who were introduced to us an episode ago. Diggle decided to give the information he gathered to the team to work together, while Oliver still has no idea what is even going on. As he is tied up by Anatoly.

Well, the team … And Diggle … Managed to blow up Quadrant’s truck, which pissed Diaz off and he let his anger go off on Oliver. Anatoly then thought more about the conversation he had with Oliver and how he used to be an honorable man, so he asked Diaz to untie Oliver and have a fair fight with him. The two then agreed that whoever gets thrown on the floor last, has to leave the city. The fight was actually really interesting! The dynamics of it were shot and produced brilliantly and as we thought Oliver would win, Diaz wooped out a knife and stabbed Oliver with it. The fight was nowhere fair because of this, but it showed Anatoly who has honor and who doesn’t.

As Oliver lost, Anatoly promised to help him out, since he saw through his plan, but then Diaz decided to take the matters in his hands, saying that Oliver does not have to leave the city as long as he gets to spend his entire life in prison. He then called the police and triggered Oliver’s trial. Well, there we go.

The next episode started with Oliver’s trial. It is interesting that Diggle and Dinah (Juliana Harkavy) had Oliver’s back as they claimed Oliver is not the Green Arrow, even though their relationship hasn’t been at best these past episodes. Sadly, this helped little, as Rene cracked when Diaz brought in his little girl and he testified against him. We can’t really blame Rene, this had to be done.

During this trial, I kept on thinking – why don’t they simply get a fake Green Arrow in the city, make him do something, anything – even shoot out a dart in the clouds, so people get ‘evidence’ that Oliver isn’t guilty? And they did something similiar or even more dramatic, they brought out a guy who put on Tommy Merlin’s face on his own and pretended that Tommy was still alive. And, therefore, the Freen Arrow.

As someone who loved Tommy, I got emotional during this. I know he can’t be alive, but I thought it’s at least a Tommy from another Earth. Turns out their idea was essentially better than mine, because with a fake Tommy, nobody gets to actually go to prison, as the police won’t be able to trace anyone. Smart move. Too bad it didn’t work out, because, of course, Diaz knew about their plan and he decided to make Laurel testify against Oliver. However … Laurel did something quite unexpected as she tetified that Tommy is indeed the Green Arrow. Good girl Laurel!

This episode was so crazy! The jury actually found Oliver guilty, then the judge said that decision is crazy and then … Chris, the guy who dressed up as Merlin, showed he dressed up as the judge, as well. What a thrill! Both of these episodes are the kind that Arrow should be producing this entire season, this entire time. They were absolutely amazing! They created suspense, they were dramatic and far from being expected. Awesome.

The judge had to die for this …  Which sucks, since I liked him without knowing the character much at all. Then Laurel popped up, being a badass, screaming at Diaz, which was a great scene, but he disabled her scream and got the best of her, for now.
Hey, may it be little or big wins – both of these episodes were truly amazing. Easily the best of the season!