Riverdale (S02E20) "Shadow of a Doubt"

Another mind blowing episode of Riverdale which is building up to an amazing finale. With the way the events keeps on unfolding fans have set up high hopes for the finale to blow their minds and these past few episodes leave us with no doubt that the writers will deliver an epic finale. As for the actors the show really seems to be highlighting some of the actors amazing skills like for instance the fear Hermione (Marisol Nichols) portrayed was a stellar performance on her part. This kind of strong acting helps in strengthening the plot and making the scenes believable and enjoyable to watch.
berryl - Riverdale (S02E20) "Shadow of a Doubt"
With this episode we see Betty (Lily Reinhart) investigate her father following up the suspicion she had on him from the previous episode which makes me glad that the writers didn’t shelf this arc. With her snooping Betty ends up teaming with Cheryl (Madeleine Petsch) and we see a little bond between the cousins. This duo has been long awaited from the fans and finally witnessing it was worth the wait but unfortunately the team up might have resulted in endangering Cheryl’s life. With the ending of the episode there’s a high chance that the Black Hood might kill Cheryl which might be a bold move from the writers if they go ahead with killing one of the fan’s favorite characters.

At least we also see Betty’s mental issues being addressed in this episode maybe now we may be able to understand it fully and hopefully she may end up seeking professional help with her personality disorder. Despite learning her father shares similar problems I can’t help wonder if he’s speaking in a metaphorical sense. But if he does turn out to be he black hood then most definitely he will have spoken in literal sense, so one is left with no option but to tune in to another episode to get answers they seek.

In this episode we truly see how despicable Hiram (Mark Consuelos) is with all the dirty tricks up his sleeve at this point I won’t be surprised if he ends up rigging the election. But on that note one really has to appreciate how perfectly Mark is playing Hiram’s character, I don’t think any other actor can bring justice to this character the way he does which just makes you appreciate the perfect casting in Riverdale. Fortunately now Archie (KJ Apa) and Veronica (Camilla Mendes) can see what kind of a person Hiram truly is but their actions have consequences. As we’ve already seen Archie might be in trouble for claiming to have handled the Papa Puttin issue maybe the sins of his past actions will catch up on him and he will finally learn a lesson, which he truly deserves.

The addition of the new sheriff who seems to be a crony of Hiram’s makes you wonder if his business endeavor is quite legal if he seeks to control all bodies that can question him of his actions. As for learning about Fang’s (Drew Ray Turner) involvement with Midge (Emilija Baranac) was really disappointing as I was looking forward to see something develop between him and Kevin (Casey Cott). The only bright side to his arrest is that we finally got to see Sierra (Robin Givens) being a bad ass lawyer which made me want to see more of this side of hers. Unfortunately for Fangs he ends up getting shot despite being released due to the struggle between Archie and Reggie (Melton Charles) for the gun.

fangs - Riverdale (S02E20) "Shadow of a Doubt"
Actions like this make the Black Hood seem like a necessary evil as it seems there are no limits and boundaries in Riverdale since teenagers can easily possess firearms and are willing to participate in crimes like extortion, vandalism, brutality, abetting and attempted murder amongst the few crimes they commit.

The cliff hanger at the end of the episode makes you wish for the days to pass by faster so that the next episode can air and we finally learn if Cheryl escapes and also if Fangs survives and whether or not Hal (Lochlyn Monroe) actually arrives to see Betty which might absolve him of the suspicions for now but may not necessarily mean he’s not assisting the Black Hood.

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