Station 19 (S01E08) "Every Second Counts"

This episode definitely had some sparks. BIG SPOILERS AHEAD.

Andy (Jaina Lee Ortiz) and Ryan (Alberto Frezza) wake up together in bed, how perfect right? She tells him about her worries with her father and the chemo. He reassures her just like he always does and tries to win over the viewers’ hearts. We pan to Dean (Okieriete Onaodowan) and JJ (Brenda Song) also in bed before he has to start his shift. They have become quite the cute couple. While everyone is relaxing, Captain Pruitt (Miguel Sandoval) is doing his daily chemo.

At the firehouse, a peer adviser comes in and asks Ben Warren (Jason George) who he wants to become captain, Jack or Andy. He then asks him what happened earlier that morning which leads us into a flashback to that morning.

Andy talks to Maya (Danielle Savre) about Ryan and says that she feels worry free with him. She likes that there are no strings attached and they can be their complete selves. The only problem is, Jack doesn’t know about it. Back at the firehouse, Andy and Jack thank everyone for going on the interviews and picking between them for captain. None of them want to pick sides, yet they are forced to.

We flashback to the morning when they get a call about a horrible car accident. They put a brace around the victim’s neck and he asks Jack for something to take the pain away. Jack says that he can give him ibuprofen and leaves him in the ambulance. When he returns, the victim is running around the ambulance knocking everything down and he took his neck brace off. It turns out this victim is actually a drug addict and wants morphine.
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Andy and Jack wonder who everyone will pick for Captain. She says to Jack “Where would we be if my dad never went down in that fire?” He replies “It found his cancer right?” Jack has a point because her father knew he was sick but, if he wouldn’t have passed out, most likely they wouldn’t have found it until it was too late.

After all the interviews, they are all sitting around in the firehouse. Maya says she told the guy that “Gibson was good” and it didn’t sound like her. She said no offense but Jack said “some taken.” Victoria (Barrett Doss) says she hopes that whoever it is, they pick one of them because she wants to keep it in the family.

He then asks the Captain who he recommends for the position. Everyone is obviously expecting him to pick his daughter. He responds with “I want what’s best for the team I’ve built, either one”.

Showrunners and Ortiz want to reiterate that Station 19 is Andy’s story, not a Jack vs Ryan story. So now it’s down to Andy and Jack for Captain. Will they pick one of them or someone totally different to run Station 19?