The Americans (S06E06) “Rififi”

Episode 6 opens with Elizabeth (Keri Russell) coming home to a very angry Philip (Matthew Rhys). After finding out about  Elizabeth killing the defectors and leaving their bloody bodies for their young son to find, he is itching to have some words with her. She tries to explain that she has no idea the kid was even there, but Philip is having none of it. He informs her that he will not be part of the Kimmy (Julia Garner) plan. She spits back with “You were never going to”. She also accuses him of sleeping with Kimmy just to get some action (since there has been very little at home). She is already fuming, but after Philip tells her that he blew her whole mission by warning Kimmy, she gives him a look of pure hatred and walks upstairs.

Aderholt (Brandon J. Dirden) asks Stan (Noah Emmerich) to come down to the basement for a chat. Stan clearly doesn’t want to saying, “ Everytime I go down there someone ends up dead”. (Ain’t that the truth Stan).  Aderholt is starting to connect the dots that will lead right to Elizabeth. They have identified a KGB Agent in Chicago and gaining quite a bit of interesting information from him. They are also watching some Russian Orthodox priests… which could be bad since Philip and Elizabeth went to one (real identities and all) to get “Russian Legal” married last season.

Henry (Keidrich Sellati) is home for the Thanksgiving holiday. He is now the only member of the family who isn’t working with or being trained by the KGB. He is very smart and senses that things aren’t quite right in house Jennings. It’s clear that he doesn’t talk to Elizabeth much at all, but picks up on her unhappiness with a 5 minute phone conversation. Not sure how much longer they can keep him in the dark, especially being so close with Stan.

Elizabeth is called away (on Thanksgiving Day of days) to go to Chicago and try to get an agent out quickly. The same agent being being watched by the FBI.. the one talked about between Stan and Aderholt no less. Elizabeth is worried that this might not be possible, leading to her being caught ( with the suicide pill in her necklace, I’m guessing it won’t be alive).

After excuses for the absence of Elizabeth on Thanksgiving Day with the kids, Stan, Aderholt, and their significant others, Philip goes digging. With Elizabeth out of town he can go through her secret spy stuff in the laundry room and safe house. He then writes a letter to Oleg (Costa Ronin) and leaves it in their super secret hiding spot, possibly leaving me very disappointed in Philip (depending on what that letter said).

The end of the episode brings us to a phone call between Philip and Elizabeth. He calls her out of concern because of her conversation with Henry. So concerned that he tries to talk her into coming home and aborting this very dangerous mission. Of course she refused, she is a soldier till the end. With no give from Elizabeth, he tells her that he will travel there to help. This isn’t a two person mission and Philip’s presence there would help a great deal. He tells her, “I’m on my way”  and hangs up the phone. Looks like he’s being pulled back in the spy game more and more. Sorry Philip, sometimes no matter how much you want things to change, they just can’t.