Blindspot (S03E20) "Let It Go"

In this episode of Blindspot, the FBI team continues their chase after Crawford & Roman spirals down the rabbit hole. So, let’s get to the review.

Tattoo of the week
This week’s tattoo turned out to be a human skull. Which, was actually found on Mr. Drabkin’s throat. Avery’s father’s body was found and guess what? It was riddled with bullet holes. This leads the team to believe that Avery’s (Kristina Reyes) dad did not commit suicide. He was murdered by Crawford ( David Morse). After performing a thorough autopsy and when I say thorough I mean they found an ultraviolet tattoo on his throat. Which turns out to be a human skull. Jane (Jaimie Alexander ),also has the same tattoo on her body. So, Patterson (Ashley Johnson ),fishes a key out of Drabkin’s throat. This leads them to Charon who is a mythical character but according to Weller( Sullivan Stapleton ), it’s also an alias for a contract killer. Who has never been caught. So, it looks like that Charon is the one that killed Avery’s father. If they can catch him and get him to testify against Crawford, they can finally take him down. The key leads them to a locker, where they find a camera. Patterson tracks down the camera feed to a comic book store. Where they find Charon. Jane chases him, but Charon pulls a knife. During the scuffle, on reflex Jane stabs him with it and there goes the team’s last chance of getting to Crawford.

Jane & Avery
In this episode, we got to see a lot of Avery and in addition more Jane and Avery scenes. Initially, we see Jane getting panicked on not seeing Avery home. Turns out she just went outside to buy some bagels. But Jane yells at Avery for going outside without telling them. In turn, Avery yells at her saying, that this is another cell with different wallpaper. I mean children right? Anyway, later Jane informs Avery what really happened with her father. Avery is upset but she’s determined more than ever before in bringing Crawford down. After hearing this awful news, Avery gets a call from her godmother, Lynnette (Jennifer Esposito). Who informs her that her father left her a large sum of money in the form of a life insurance policy & as the executor of her father’s estate, she needs her to sign some papers. Avery goes to Lynnette and Jane tags along. Thank god that she did because it turns out that Lynnette actually works for Crawford. And also she is the one who ordered the hit on Avery’s father. So, when Lynnette tries to attack Jane & Avery, they go and hide in a panic room. Guys, this is where the real mother-daughter bonding happened. Jane protected Avery from Lynette and she was a total badass while doing it. Soon the FBI gets to know the truth about Lynnette and rescues them. As luck would have it Lynnette completely turned on her story and denied working for Crawford. But the team gets a treasure trove in the form of a laptop. Retrieved from Lynnette’s panic room.

Aside from the heavy stuff, there was some good stuff in today’s episode. Namely, Patterson’s dad “ Bill Nye the science guy”. You know what they say? Double the Patterson, double the fun. Exactly this is what we got in today’s episode. But first, let’s see why he was in the FBI’s headquarters. From last week’s episode, we know that Roman is flooding the tattoo database with false hits. As a result, the tattoo database is not working anymore and it needs to be fixed ASAP. As it turns out Patterson’s father designed it. So, Reade asks Patterson to bring her father in to fix the database. Bill Nye as Patterson’s father was a delight to watch. Watching him was like watching another version of Patterson. And not to mention Weller, who acted like a total fanboy in front of Bill Nye. We got to see some fun scenes between Patterson and her dad. But, sadly we still don’t know Patterson’s name.

While so many things were happening, Reade’s (Rob Brown) personal life also took a front seat in today’s episode. Turns out Reade is not so keen on getting married to his girlfriend as he first thought. Because, surprise….he might have feelings for Tasha. Which we already knew, now his girlfriend also knows. So she decides to break things off with Reade. I mean finally. We all knew it was going to happen eventually, so why not now?

It looks like Roman is spiraling down the rabbit hole. At the beginning of the episode, we see that Kira Evans (Gloria Reuben), Crawford’s attorney is breathing down Roman’s neck, for failing previous mission. After roman not so politely tells her to get lost we see Jane appear. Or is it really Jane? Turns out Roman is hallucinating her. Now that’s something new. Fake Jane tells Roman that he is sick and he knew this was going to happen. Ok, back up a little. How is Roman sick ?and what’s wrong with him? We don’ t get the answer to these questions in today’s episode though. But from his conversation with Jane, we see him questioning his own actions. Questions like why he is working for Crawford ? and what about his previous plan of taking him down? It looks like Roman is having doubts about the side he’s on. Soon, another version of Roman pops up. Turns out what he’s a reminder of what Roman could have been. It was nice to know more in-depth about Roman. But it’s also a little bit concerning, as it looks like he’s losing his grip on everything. Even though Roman looked troubled, by the end of the episode he seems to be done with whatever he was working on.

At the end of the of the episode, we see Patterson figuring out what Crawford’s big plan is. It looks like Crawford’s going to hit some pretty important landmarks on New York within 24 hours. So, were you surprised by this big reveal?

Even though a lot happened in today’s episode, plot-wise it felt like a filler. The team is nowhere near catching Crawford. The only good thing is that they finally figured out his ultimate move. So, let’s see what happens next week.

Blindspot airs Fridays at 8 / 7c on NBC.