MacGyver (S02E23) "MacGyver + MacGyver"

As a warning for readers, there are spoilers ahead.

This season of MacGyver has taken the fans on quite the wild ride. With danger lurking around every corner, it has come as no surprise that the season two finale would leave us on one hell of a cliffhanger after catapulting us into an emotionally taxing roller-coaster. The creators and writers have outdone themselves yet again.

MacGyver (Lucas Till) has been struggling with his inner demons and the new reality that has come to light in episodes prior. Secrets have been kept and the damage has been done, this has started an irreversible path ahead for all of our beloved team members. With the threat of quitting Phoenix hanging in the balance, Matty (Meredith Eaton) reveals that Oversight is the only one who can make that call. Cue the most awkward and underwhelming family reunion in the show’s history.

Hiding in plain sight all along, Oversight (Tate Donovan) just so happens to be MacGyver’s long-lost father. He has been there, lurking in the shadows, silently guiding his son’s life for all these years. It certainly stirs up some unwanted emotions and memories for MacGyver, who just can’t wrap his head around the whole set up. With little to no answers, he is tasked with pulling the agonizing truths from his father.

There are so many questions, and not enough time for answers. Just like everything else in both of the MacGyver’s life, there is something time sensitive taking precedence over their time together. Jack (George Eads) will not be outdone, it wouldn’t be a mission without his grit and sarcasm, that and his sagely advice is well-timed in this situation. Although it becomes increasingly clear that MacGyver’s father can hold his own, he is a badass in his own right.

The team has grown so much from the beginning of the season, and each of them is finding their way in the world. Even with all the chaos, there is still good. Time doesn’t stand still for anyone, it’s something they have all had to learn the hard way. Riley (Tristin Mays) is boldly moving forward with Billy (Lance Gross), they make quite an endearing couple, even garnering the awkward approval of Elwood (Billy Baldwin) along the way. We can’t leave out Leanna (Reign Edwards) and Bozer (Justin Hires) either, who are both ecstatic about her newly appointed position within the Phoenix Foundation.

Trouble is always ahead for the team, and in this case MacGyver and his dad walk right into the middle of something sinister. Although we are prepared that things never go quite as planned, having two brilliant minds working together as one certainly helps their cause. It seems like a great bonding moment for the two, but you can’t help but see the strain. This isn’t something some “father/son” time can fix. It goes deeper than that.

Walsh (Brad William Henke), which is Papa MacGyver’s ex-partner (or what Jack is to Mac), went rogue so many years ago, which makes this mission that more personal. Top that with a dangerous enhancement drug, and you have a real disaster. Against all odds they work through another challenge, but as we all know it’s not going to end there. Danger is going to seek them out no matter where they go, this leaves chaos open for the third season.

This brings us to the cliffhanger. It will leave you questioning everything you thought you knew about the show and the characters we have all grown to love. I am not going to spoil that moment for you, it is something you must watch and experience for yourself.

This will change everything. Some doors cannot be closed.

With that in mind, I would like to end the review on a positive note. There have been so many defining moments in this season, but the one that stands out is how perfectly Matty has melded with such a dynamic group of people. It’s so nice to see such a strong female character who can hold her own no matter what happens. She is the perfect fit for the team, and no matter her methods, she always has a good reason for the perpetual madness. In seasons to come, she will be tested to hold the team together.

This was the second season finale for MacGyver. We are left reflecting on the season and questioning where they can possibly go from here. The wait is going to be killer.

Photo: Google/IMDB