The Big Bang Theory (S11E23) “The Sibling Realignment”

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One more time. That’s right everyone, you guessed it! One more episode to go until the big day is upon us. “Shamy’s” Wedding! This episode was written by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady. It was produced by Chuck Lorre, Bill Prady, Steve Molaro and Steve Holland. Special guest star tonight is none other than Sheldon’s big brother, George Cooper Jr. played by (Jerry O’Connell).
Shall we get started?

It’s rather comical. Sheldon’s Mom isn’t coming. Let me explain, Sheldon (Jim Parsons) didn’t invite his older brother, Georgie. (Jerry O’Connell). Everyone has pink-eye in the apartment building. This included the wedding party! Would you go? I wouldn’t either.

It all starts with our boy, Sheldon.

Sheldon was basically traumatized by Georgie since he was a kid. It makes total sense he wouldn’t invite him to the “HAPPIEST DAY OF HIS LIFE”. (Which includes a “Millennium Falcon” wedding cake, jealous anyone?) Since Sheldon is such a Mama’s boy, he can do whatever he wants too! He just can’t imagine her not being there.

You see Georgie, Georgie Jr. has been painted in quite a different light by Sheldon. He was a bully who sat on Sheldon’s head while he tried watching ‘Star Trek’. Georgie did mean things like stealing his Halloween costume. They haven’t talked to each other in 10 years. There are just too many hurt feelings from there childhood. Even as adults, Sheldon has a hard time coping with inviting him to his wedding. As “Shamy’s” wedding approaching, their mother demanding Sheldon invite his brother to the wedding or else…

Of course, Sheldon tries to make his best efforts to reach out. He calls Georgie. He gets Georgie’s voicemail. The greeting makes it evidently clear he will not return Sheldon’s calls. The pressure is on now, bigtime time. Mom must be there to cheer Sheldon on. He gets his pal Leonard (Johnny Galecki) and they are on their way to Texas! Nothing like an “In Person Invite” right? I love Sheldon. His flair for in-depth descriptions of people at times is “overly dramatic? “Georgie is a loser who sells tires.” Sheldon is not telling the truth. His brother Georgie is the owner of a chain of tire stores, ‘Dr. Tires’. He sells more than anyone in Texas! I laughed out loud when I saw a life-sized cutout of Georgie. He was wearing a doctor’s coat, holding a stethoscope and a tire! (Snorts and giggles).

Sheldon admits that makes sense. Georgie comes out of his office to greet his brother and Leonard. Guess what? Georgie and Sheldon start arguing right away. Georgie lets Sheldon know HE is the only reason their mother will attend Sheldon’s wedding. IF he doesn’t go, their Mom is a no-go. I love Georgie’s snark. He tells Sheldon to ask him nicely, and then he’ll attend. Sheldon does; proceeded by Georgie mocking him. (It really must run in the family. The Snark!) Sheldon leaves, being the good friend that he is, Leonard returns by himself. He’s determined to make things right between the brothers Cooper. This wedding must go off without a hitch.

It’s a miscommunication issue. Sheldon remembers Georgie as a bully who made his life as a boy genius hard. You see when Georgie took Sheldon’s costume away when he was a boy. It was because Sheldon wanted to be: Madame Curie! (Come on now Sheldon!!!) Georgie was only trying to protect his brother from getting a beat down, he’s telling Leonard. He admits sitting on his head during ‘Star Trek’ was for kicks and giggles. He admitted to Leonard he made a lot of sacrifices for his kid brother, Sheldon. Not to mention most of the families’ money was used to send Sheldon to college, where he also studied abroad. When their father died, Georgie had to become the man of the house. Georgie worked hard to earn the cash to start his business. Enabling Sheldon to do his thing.

Until this very moment, none of this ever occurred to Sheldon.  He was studying in Germany, and his mother told him she was doing fine after George Sr. died. Sheldon was so self-absorbed and obsessed to ever realize all the responsibility that his big brother Georgie took over. You see, Sheldon’s problem was taking everything that people told him at face-value, literally. Never occurring to Sheldon, the amount of adult responsibility he had to take on at such a young age.

Now, the person Sheldon has evolved into across 11 seasons — with a big dose of credit also due to the patient and caring friendships of Penny (Mayim Bialik), Raj (Kunal Nayyar), Howard (Simon Helberg), and especially Leonard (Johnny Galecki) — he can recognize and appreciate the role Georgie has played in his life and his achievements. Sheldon is even in a place where he can say “I’m sorry” for his missteps, and “thank you” to George Jr. It ensures his whole family will be at his wedding to Amy.
At home, the Wolowitz children have pink eye, which Amy, Howard, Raj, and Bernadette (Melissa Rauch) also catch. (Amy is pink-eye free!) The pink eyes do put a damper on Raj’s romance attempts, for the moment. Luckily, he meets a new wedding date… because she’s in line ahead of him at the pharmacy, picking up her own prescription for pink-eye medication. Team Raj!

‘The Big Bang Theory’ (S11E23) ‘The Sibling Realignment’ Random Musings:

  • “What if we tell him the theme of the wedding is Walking Dead, and this is our zombie makeup?” Amy: “That’ll probably work. We’ll call that plan B.” (When discussing the Pink-Eye break out amongst the wedding party. I laugh!)
  • Georgie: “I would rather swallow a pregnant wildcat and crap out a litter of kittens than go to your wedding.” (Georgie, you are so funny!)

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