Benitez Comics: Lady Mechanika (Issue 01)

Okay this is literally a new comic book production company that has never been heard of before and I’m literally honored to be reading this new comic book on Free Comic Book Day! The story is so much of a combination of sci-fi and horror which makes is beautiful, I love it when stories like this can make sense and don’t go jumbled with the story. But it seems like this wont be the only issue hitting stores this month cause later in the month there is another issue hitting stores that is a continuation of this story. So if you like this review and liked reading this comic as much as me. Then you’ll definitely go after the second issue later on this month, when I don’t know it says to ask your local comic book store.

So in this issue, we had two stories which makes it beautiful to read, the first story was ‘The Demon of Satan’s Alley’ which we will talk about this story first. In the story, we meet our hero Lady Mechanika who can not remember anything about her past. All what she remembers is what lead up to her memory lost which isn’t that much. There’s major gaps in her memory. While trying to find info about her missing gaps of memory she goes on the hunt to make the city a little more safer. But this hunt is different, she is hunting a demon. A demon that has said to kill town folk for no reason; but Lady Mechanika doesn’t believe that, she hunts for the truth about the reason why the demon is killing people. When Lady Mechanika finds the demon, its revealed that the demon is a lot like her, with mechanical parts to its body to help it. But the demon is also left hungry almost all the time. Mechanika gives the demon some food, and its then revealed the demon knows her. He told her they were both made in the same place, she was the one who gave the demon his name which was Ugie. But the towns folk killed the demon before Lady Mechanika could get anymore answers from him.

In the second story ‘Two’ we find out a little bit of details of Lady Mechanika’s past, before she lost her memory she was going after a mechanical arm that was found by the evil Lord Blackpool. It’s here when she finds out about a secret revelation, she’s not the only one with demonic speed, and mechanically enhanced she was only 1.0 version and whoever The Master is, has been making more versions of Lady Mechanika after she left the laboratory. But doesn’t this mean that Lady Mechanika is really a clone? I guess we will have to find out when we read even deeper into the future issues that will be released soon. But to come in contact with yourself trying to steal the exact same mechanical arm from evil Blackpool’s possession. But why are these mechanical pieces being retrieved now? Why all of a sudden would Blackpool want these mechanical body parts? Questions to be answered in future issues I suppose.

Okay Joe Benitez who is the creator and writer of the comic series; I have to say that having this comic series that is new to me and has this extremely interesting storyline is so, so good. I would recommend any series by this company, only because it seems like the company knows how to write a really defined story that would make amazing films if it ever came to that. To write and create any comic story is really hard to do especially when you need to keep the audiences attention which this story really does.

Peter Steigerwald who does the coloring of the art made an interesting color pallet for this series, especially with this series taking place in 1800’s of England, to make the color pallet so interesting, it makes me want to look at it forever. The colors are so interesting, it really matches to how England would’ve looked back then but it also has an interesting batches of colors especially for the eyes. Whoever idea it was to make Lady Mechanika to have red eyes seriously knows how to reach creepy factors.

Josh Reed who did the inking and penciling of the comic has done a fantastic job I love the work that he has done especially for those mechanical parts that look so interesting but creepy at the same time. It makes me want to drool over the beauty that is drawn. Maybe thats why they have made these comics for teens that way they don’t have anyone trying to imagine themselves in some kind of sexual way with Lady Mechanika because thats the only reason why I would see them rating this comic series as T for Teen.

I would recommend this comic to anyone who wants to read something so good!

Lady Mechanika issue 01 is now available, issue 02 and 03 available late May 2018, issue 04 available August 2018
Pre-Order Issue 02 and 03 now at your local comic book store!