Chicago Fire (S06E21) "The Unrivaled Standard"


I’m very late..again. Sorry, My internet wasn’t working. There are works in my street, I was annoyed the whole day. Let’s get this review started.

This episode broke my heart…

Renèe coming back, trying to worm her way into Kelsey’s life. News flash, he has Kidd. They’re the 2nd power couple at 51.
I just hope Renèe won’t ruin anything between them. Because I don’t think I will survive that. Kidd and Severide are just perfect.
Herrmann coaching the basketball kids team. One of the dad’s was being , an amazing but loud fan.

He kept cheering loudly. Disturbing the other parents. I found him kind of annoying at first .
But when he had a talk with Herrmann, at Molly’s I felt for him. He’s such a good dad, wanting to be there for his kid.
I didn’t see this coming. Him dying, I only know him for an episode. Maybe he was in more, but I can’t seem to remember.
Herrmann was heartbroken when he saw that he passed away. He was a “Smoke eater”. Is that what Mouch called him?
I can’t remember that either. But, I hope we won’t lose any firefighters again. I just can’t deal with that.
I was so scared, when I saw Herrmann stuck inside. I was like.. “That’s it…He’s gone.” But then he came out alive.
Rip Smoke Eater, and amazing dad.

On the other hand we have Cruz, and his childhood love. Who clearly uses him just for his body.
Like Brett said, Cruz is too good a guy for that. But Joe still did the deed with that women.
I wasn’t dissapointed, just surprised. I didn’t expect it from the Holy Joe Cruz. He and Slyvie should get back together.
I don’t know why, I see them doing just that. Brett acting jealous and angry. She clearly wasn’t just angry, because he lied.
She didn’t want him to look at any other women. Well, beside her that is. Cruz broke it off, and got punched in the face because of Delia’s husband.

Casey and Severide wanting to make Chief Bowden, the commissionar for the CFD.
But then comes that guy, like a weasle. The one who kept hanging around Severide, like a snake.
I don’t care if he was his mentor or not. He’s the worst, and deceiving. Let’s hope that chief Bowden get’s the job.
I want to see Severide becoming, Battalion Chief of firehouse 51. That would be perfect. You heard it here first, alright.

Can’t wait for next weeks episode.
Enjoyed writing this review so much.

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