DC Comics: Batman: The Gift Part 1 (Issue 46)

Okay guys, I’ve been a huge Batman fan ever since I was a kid; I know that makes me sound like every single eight year old am I right? Well It’s mainly because back then Batman was a kid friendly comic for all ages to read and not have a problem with sexuality or other adult things. But now in these days Batman comics can only be read by adults and teenagers cause of so much depth and non-kid friendly the comics have become. They’ve finally found the way to make Batman comics dark as hell! Lets get to this review!

So with this comic book it is the beginning of the storyline of the century, it’s the prelude to Batman and Catwoman’s wedding storyline which is said to be the biggest storyline since The Killing Joke, the Killing Joke originally came out in 1988. And now 30 years later we get the next biggest storyline that is said to be bigger than The Killing Joke. After reading this story I have to say it is telling you all the truth. It’s literally a interesting but yet messed up alternate timeline that will eventually be called Batpoint. I know it sounds ridiculous but at least it’s not The Flash messing up the timeline this time around.

So in this story we have Booster Gold making a real messed up mess; he chose to go back in time as a wedding gift to Bruce and Selina for their wedding night to help Bruce and Selina’s parents to be there for the wedding. However when Booster Gold saves Bruce’s parents it forced that fateful night that is literally the oldest Batman tale in history to be told to never happen. Booster Gold re-wrote the timeline to make it so that Bruce grows up with his parents and Selina Kyle never escaped from the aggressive shadow of the Falcone family where all intelligence in now gone from Selina. She has no speech, no thinking pattern, shes only built as Catwoman the executioner. Apparently in this timeline Ra’s Al Ghul is the Chief Executer of the Military, The Penguin is President of the United States which is as bad as saying Donald Trump is our President. Dick Grayson the original Robin is now Batman cause there never was a Batman in this timeline. But Dick has chosen to use the weapons of violence in his crusade as Batman. Harvey Dent never became Two-Face, and became a successful lawyer like how he should’ve in Bruce’s actual timeline instead of being a villain but things don’t always go according to plan. And there’s a Joker but they don’t say who controls the group known as The Jokers, my guess is that it’s either Barbra Gordon which would be interesting  or it’s someone from Dick Grayson’s past that will be The Joker guess we will find out soon with part 2 coming out soon. And Jason Todd is alive in this timeline, for those of you who don’t know who Jason Todd is, he the Robin that died on Batman’s watch by the Joker. It’s the third death that stays close in Batman’s heart so deep that his guilt for that death still haunts him to this day!

I have to be honest this issue was really interesting but to have so much happen and see that it’s Booster Gold from the future’s fault, it makes sense in why the articles keep saying that part 2 will be focused on Bruce and Selina’s wedding with Booster Gold of the present trying to stop his future self from doing that mistake. Will Booster Gold be able to stop himself in the next issue so that Batman and Catwoman can have their comic book happily ever after? Find out when we read The Gift part 2!

Tom King has been a major batman artist previously since 2010 he’s worked on and off Batman titles for quite a long time now. And to have him working on Batman again with now the work of the century it’s a big deal. With part 1 he succeeded, he gave us a peek into what the timeline would look like, what Gotham would look like if only the police force took care of all these loonies for all these years and it was hell. Gotham literally became hell!

Tom King along with Tony S. Daniel, Danny Miki and Tomeu Morey all worked on the comic cover that you all see as the featured picture for this review. The picture truly gives us an insight that its a messed up world that Booster Gold help creates but its also an interesting piece to look at and it gets your attention so much!

I hope you all consider picking up this comic and part 2 when it comes out later this month!

Batman The Gift (Issue 46) now available for all to read; Issue 47 will be available May 16, 2018