Screenshot 2018 05 06 20 23 57 1 300x258 - FAMILY GUY (S16E18) "HTTPete",

“It’s All About the Milennial Baby” or “How I Survived Without Internet, but not really”

The brewery, where Peter works,  has a mandatory meeting. Sales are down. They blame the millennial age group. 

Master Milennial,  Hammer,  arrives to bring ’em up to speed on “how to” attract this group. Everybody’s “Brah” &  1st thing on the menu; Group Selfie. It goes viral, instantly. Thank you Ellen.   

Next vaping. It’s more than an acquired taste & “no smoke”. Just walking thru a vaped haze; Peter becomes a millennial. He goes to Coachella; A milennial must!  

In jeans, tee shirt & a man bun, Peter’s “on fleek” in style as well as “on Fleek”, the giant flying dog, Fleek is apparently used to show usage

Then Hammer & Peter, Hover Board while rolling down the street; texting @ the same time  Not looking up & being mindful of surroundings, Hammer gets hit by a bus. He texts Peter, his location & dies, but not before giving Peter an almost bizness idea… “Artisenal”  Yes, it makes money for someone else at the show’s end. 

At the Quaghog funeral home, Mayor West is officiant. He knows little or nothing about the deceased. No surprises.  He reads from “The Book of Jared “and starts the service with  “Let Us All Tweet” #corny But still good to see The Mayor, regardless #RIP 

Lois looks @ Hammer’s “dead dong.” He ‘s naked. “Brah” is  making an environmental statement.  The is boss there and Peter becomes Social Media Man. Hammer would have been  proud #promoted

At the  Drunken Calm, A younger looking Bill Cosby is on the telly.  He has an eye patch & a new show, “Marvel’s The Offenders” In a round table,  names were called; all in attendance: Kevin Spacey. Roman Polanski, Woody Allen, Steven Seagal. Matt Lauer & his Pudding Pop, uh?! Brett Ratner & a James Toback. Woody Allen  is looking for Matt Damon. What?!  And Harvey “in a robe, after shower” shows up #roomforonemore  #metoo  #harveyweinstein

“The 6 sec Talk Show” is born, cause we don’t have time to pay attention. Joe Biden is the 1st guest. He’s  introduced & then credits roll. He says nothing. Its a huge hit.

Parker Stanton from Silicon Valley,  comes through by hologram. He invites the Griffins to talk shop & come to The Valley.  He wants in on the next big thing.  Oh! And Meg is there! She talks! 

Silicon Valley: Welcome to “Boop”, the source and server behind the “www.” Peter pees in the utility room & shuts it down, cutting all the power…& the internet, everywhere; shortly after arrival. 

Parker is pissed. The entire city is dark They have voice over conversations about Peter’s penis, it’s still out #unzipped. Both are surprised at the level of comfort while  his penis is out!  They apparently met later in  “Molto Homo”  in another time, another space and another story.  #washyourhands

Meanwhile, the streets are in chaos, riots and fighting in the streets, No GPS! #mayhem  #nointernet  Can’t call Uber and Taxis are dead

 As always, this episode  has it’s moments.  It’s always amazing who is on the Seth Carpet and why!  Every week, regardless of story relevance, it keeps my attention. It’s better than a Gossip Rag, #enquirer “Lucky there’s a Family Guy!”  #sethcarpet

Family Guy airs Sunday, 9:00 p.m  Pacific Time on Fox 🦊