Kodansha Comics: Ghost in the Shell (complete issue)

Hey everyone so I attended a fantastic event that happens once every year, normally to give new readers new material but there’s things for the old readers too. Today I’m reviewing one of Free Comic Book Days comics, Ghost in the Shell lets get to this review!

so in the comic which takes place a ten years after the manga series. Section 9 has gone into investigation into recent cyber activity in Shanghai. Major goes to work by going undercover and getting chatty with Police Chief, but things go sideways and the Section 9’s minister gets abducted by Ghost drones. In this story we find out that the villainous group known as “Ghosts” have all been exterminated by the order of their leader Liang. Knowing who has him Major goes on a single rescue mission. She is enlisted with the help of loyal Batou who in this comic story was more of the guy in the chair which is interesting. You never really thought that Batou would be a guy in the chair cause he’s always been an action guy. Maybe age is getting to the poor guy.

So in the story it’s all about who is the one pulling the strings for the remaining Ghost members who are still alive from the slaughter that happened in the Luang War. But eventually Major finds the orchestrator of the rest of the Ghost organization. Turns out Major’s cyborg friend Li is not even dead. Major watched her die in the Luang War, so how is it that she’s still alive? Turns out Liang gave her new life and parts of a new body. She felt in debt to the psychopath, but became a psychopath herself. She killed Liang, then worked hard to orchestrate when and where she would kill off everyone in Section 9.

Major also had to fool Li into thinking she didn’t know everything that had happened to her. Major had Li help infiltrate the warehouse where Kusagani was being held prisoner in a cyber pod nonetheless. After Major got rescued by Batou, and got Kusagani in safe hands, Major went after Li. Instead of leaving her for her to fake her death again, Major kills Li.

Now understand this, this is a story that takes place long after the original ending of the original manga series. And if you don’t know the series manga then I recommend it cause it’s amazing! This story was even amazing and the hardback cover is released later this year in July. The edition they released today for free comic book day is pretty much the paperback version. But if you own or picked it up during free comic book day keep it cause it’s a great story in the world of Ghost in the Shell!

Ghost in the Shell global neural network is available now for paperback and available in hardcover by July 2018!