Quantico (S03E02) "Fear and Flesh"

Quantico Season 3 is here and I’m living for it. BIG SPOILERS AHEAD.

The episode starts with a man putting suspicious dust into a vent that leads to a restaurant. It turns out that this dust is actually an epidemic and kills twenty two people. Back at the HQ, Owen introduces two new additions to the team; Selene Fox and Patel. Selene is a former Cirque du Soleil performer and Patel has a PHD from Johns Hopkins. Shelby tells Alex about her real estate agent and says she has an apartment offer for her. Alex declines and tells her she loves living in a hotel. Classic Alex Parrish.

While talking about this epidemic, Shelby realizes that a little girl who could be infected got on a bus full of people. The team heads downtown to find this little girl before she infects anyone else. They find the girl and she is obviously shaken up and gets scared. They then realize that she isn’t showing an symptoms of the epidemic. Maybe she is somehow immune? While they are talking about this, men start shooting at their van. They realize that the only way to save this girl is to let her out of the quarantine plastic. This of course exposes Alex and Patel to the epidemic. Before they can ask her any questions she vanishes.

Alex tries to find the girl and tells Shelby that “she has to find Isabella”. Shelby is confused because this girl is actually named Gracie. Isabella was the little girl from Italy that she left behind along with her father. She tells Shelby the story and they try to find Gracie.

When they find the little girl, Alex talks to her and finds out she has foster parents. She says that she just wants to live with her grandmother. Alex then has to tell her that her grandmother actually was one of the people who died from the epidemic. Gracie calls her a liar and starts crying. Alex tells her to do nothing but Gracie tries to call her grandmother thinking that Alex lied to her.

Meanwhile, Ryan and newcomer Michael try to find the source of the epidemic. They realize that it came from this cult and they try to get initiated. In order to get initiated they have to beat someone senseless. Owen volunteers and Ryan beats him in front of a gas station. Now that they were both initiated, Michael and Ryan find out how to stop the epidemic from being spread. Later on, Shelby calls Owen and asks him if he is alright. Being that she is now Ryan’s wife, she tells Owen that Ryan would never hurt him on purpose.

While Alex and Gracie are in the cabin, men start shooting through the windows. They obviously do not want a cure and the cure is in Gracie’s blood. After it is all over, Alex tells Harry about Isabella and how much she misses her and her father. Then she coughs up blood, the epidemic is starting to kill her.

Ryan calls Owen to make sure that he’s alright. It can’t be fun to beat up one of your best friends. Owen insists that he’s fine and just as he’s about to hang up he gets choked by the cult leader. He found out that he works for the FBI. Michael then stabs him in the back and Ryan is set free. They think they are in the clear until Michael sees that there are only nine epidemic containers when there are supposed to be ten. Then we see a man with one going into the Holland Tunnel. Ryan tracks down the guy and punches him in the face. It turns out the guy put the epidemic container in a soup kitchen. They cease the operation and everyone is saved.

The gang takes Gracie to a medical office where they can get her blood out to use for the cure. They eventually get it out and Alex and Gracie are both in the hospital. Ryan walks into Alex’s room but she’s sleeping. He tells her that she wasn’t supposed to stay, she was only supposed to help find Shelby. He tries to kiss her but she wakes up.
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What are you doing Ryan? Why did you even marry Shelby? Alex tells him to never do that again and she is introduced to a newly shaved Michael.

Harry and Alex enter Gracie’s room, and she even says “cheerio” to Harry. She is in great spirits. Alex tells her that she saved everyone’s life. “First steps are hard Gracie, if I take mine will you take yours?” Gracie nods. She will go with her foster parents.
Ryan now has to deal with the fact that he almost kissed Alex and Alex has to decide whether she will tell Shelby or not.