A.P. Bio (S01E13) “Drenching Dallas” Season Finale

In the season finale, will Jack finally get what he had hoped for since the premiere? Here we go!

After taking the Miles’ offer of taking his position at Stanford, Jack parades the school for one last time, but when he sees Colin get pranked by a girl, who asked him out to prom, he decides to help get revenge on her and the drum-line team. Just as they come up with great ideas to get back, Jack gets a call from Miles checking in and reminds him that he shouldn’t do anything bad before moving to Stanford, which means he can’t help the students’ revenge.

Meanwhile, the teachers come up with a goodbye video for Jack at the prom, but when looking through clips they spot a ghost like figure, but they don’t believe til Helen tells them the story of Beehive Bethany.

At the dance, the A.P. Bio students get ready for the revenge they’ve been looking for: to fake the king and queen ballots and Carrie their butts. But by the time it happened and Jack was given his short speech and the goodbye video plays, Jack gets a call from Miles and tells him that he got canned for being in a relationship online with a high school kid.  Which means Jack can’t have the Stanford job because of Miles’ recommendation and just as he gets the news, the bucket of pigs blood dumps on the king and queen and everyone runs out of the gym.

With a disappointing Jack walking back to school, he tells Durbin that he’ll stay and walks back to his class, who thought that he had left for good. Sorry Sarika! But with no revenge plot to go on anymore, the Heather jumps to the chalkboard with a plan of her own to deport Miles. Soon it lefts Jack’s spirit and takes down other people that done everyone wrong too even Jack (thanks Sarika!).

“Drenching Dallas” was very good and very much gave a nice closing end to the season, even though Jack didn’t get what he wanted but his relationship with the students grown to even more. If there’s a season 2 (which I hope there is) I hope it’s about seeking revenge on those people they have listed on the board. That would be pretty good. The show has an amazing cast and the writing for the show is really good.

Overall, I give this episode a 9/10 and the season one a 8.5/10.

What did you think of the episode? Do you think that the show could come back for another season? Leave a comment!

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