Champions (S01E08) “Nepotism”

This week’s episode Michael and Vince learns a good lesson in not favoring someone for a job.

“Nepotism” was another hilarious and brings both characters of Michael and Vince a bit closer in learning from each other. When his play is picked up, Michael thinks that his audition for the role shouldn’t be auditioned by anyone else. That was until someone did and Michael wasn’t to happy.

Meanwhile, Vince believes that Matthew can’t help with other duties at the gym. Everyone thinks that he’s favoring over his brother. Vince needs to give Matthew a real job. And after realizing what he has been doing and given advice to Michael about not quieting his play, Vince gives Matthew a position of helping new members fill applications and maybe get someone to help with the gym classes.

This was another funny, strong character development episode given Michael and Vince dealing with about the same issue and helping each other. The scenes of Ruby and Brittany begging Vince to get additional help were hilarious. Also I loved the scenes between Vince and Dana that seems to be something there than just a working relationship. The performances from the cast was amazing and the writing was so good. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

You can catch Champions when they return Thursday, May 25th on NBC.