Imposters (S02E05) “Maybe/Definitely”

The mojo is back. Do you read me? The mojo is back. What I’ve loved about the series, the twists, the character interactions, the story… everything worked in this episode.

Not only was the setting of events for next episode well prepared but what we learn in this episode is the backstory for Maddie and that, in a way, gave it some heart. Maddie’s been looking for herself trying to move past her life choice of becoming a con-artist. And now we know that she just had it in her to be charming and, when someone takes advantage of that charming side of you, you could use it as a tool. And it is one great tool that, if the other characters have shown us, we all posses.

But, on the happy note, the gang is going to be reunited in some way and soon. All the pieces of the chess board are pointing towards that direction. Ezra, Jules, and Richard are now in the States. And while Ezra is trying to help his family the FBI is tracking Maddie and are in the same place as Sally and Max. All of this is great because the fun part of the series is just that: the connections of its characters.

So things are going to start getting hot real some, especially if an accident will force Ezra to do something he probably hasn’t plan too.