Life In Pieces (S03E20) “Lingerie Cookbook Gamble Surrogate”

Place your bets! Here’s who won the comedy pool of funniest episode of this week’s Life In Pieces!

Whether you had it or not, the first winner of funniest story of this episode happens to be of Tim and Tyler having to buy a bra for Sam after Heather ruined it in the washer. Awkward but couldn’t be any funnier than how it really turned out to be one of the hilarious father and son bonds that I could ever seen.

The second comes in a tie with Jen and her cooking, who happens to know not a whole lot, but when Joan asked for a recipe to put in her cook. But Greg helps by taking a recipe from a restaurant and apply it as Jen’s own family recipe with a heartbreaking story, which inspires Joan to get all the supplies and have Jen show her how its done. When all set and done, turns out that Jen can cook.

Also who doesn’t like betting with their own grandfather?  It builds character as it helps Sam deal with her not going to a party and placing bets on what will happen at the party but when seeing her best friend hugging someone else, she wasn’t too pleased. That did give John to fix the game as he called the cops on the party to make Sam happy but she had to pay up too.

And coming in last would be something that I would thought was a good solid story but turns out to be something to be annoying. As Matthew and Colleen try to help Colleen’s sister to steer her in the right direction of staying healthy of eating and not partying and eating junk food.

“Lingerie Cookbook Gamble Surrogate” was another good hilarious episode that some really top moments and some that didn’t. The performance from the cast was amazing, once again, and the writing was pretty good. Overall, I give this episode a 8,5/10.

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You can catch Life in Pieces with its one hour season finale Thursday, May 17th at 9/8c on CBS.