Fear The Walking Dead (S04E04) “Buried”

The day that everything changed.
Last episode we said goodbye to Nick Clark, while in this new one we learnt a little bit more about what happened to the baseball stadium and their people.
Still going back and forth between past and present, Alicia, Strand and Lucy started talking about how they ended up there and why Nick is dead.

The Vultures kept camping for weeks now and Madison’s people are starting to run out of food and resources. It seems that to every place they go, the Vultures already have been there.
Tired of eating not so good tasty food, Alicia, Naomi, Lucy, Nick, Strand and Cole decide to look for new places and see what they might find there.

Nick insists on search into a library and Luciana goes with it. He is still trying to save Charlie, the little girl who tricked them and is with the Vultures (also future Nick’s killer). Anyways, they kept looking for books or stuff, not only for Charlie but for their people as well. Besides food, Nick thinks people should find another incentive to stay and fight for. Luci is doubtful about staying, so when she finds a map book she insists on turning a page and go whichever place they find there.

fear2 - Fear The Walking Dead (S04E04) "Buried"

On the other hand, Strand and Cole find some plants that might be useful and after a hiccups with a few walkers they made It alive. Cole tries to know Victor better, for obvious reasons. Strand acts very reserved tho. But later, he shows to Cole his real self  by showing what he’s been saving in a car, among it, food, lots of it. Cole tells Victor why doesn’t he take it to their group. That’s the reason mate, that’s who Strand is.

The other pair, Alicia and Naomi, find an old waterpark. Most of the action was in that scene. When they tried to climb on top of one the attractions to get some supplies that might be there, they crossed paths with a few walkers while trying not to slip in the old water games, yikes! They manged to get on top of it and found medical supplies. Naomi tried to distract Alicia and get away, unfortunately the car run out of gas. Alicia tells her “either you are on board or you aren’t”. For some reason Naomi doesn’t want to keep “trying” to see if it works, but at the end we see her coming back with Alicia to the stadium. Maybe it will work after all.
All of them had reasons to run away, but at the end Strand goes back because he wanted to change and Luciana with Nick wanted to try and save the place, so everyone is back.
According to them, this decitions were the cause of their downfall.

fear4 - Fear The Walking Dead (S04E04) "Buried"

We also got a glimpse of Madison talking with Mel. She thinks she gets him while he tells her about the previous place they were living and how he tried to warn everyone about the failure they would be facing. Maybe they are not so different after all.
But shocking or not so shocking, Mel adds he actually didn’t warn them and run away with his brother while everyone died in a big fire. Ok, this dude is hella sadistic. What it is with Madison and this youngs psycho dudes who seems to always find her?

Back in the present, after telling their story to Al, as promised. Alicia, Luciana and Strand guided them to a place where they were supposed to bury Nick, but actually, they had a bunch of guns that they want to use in revage against the Vultures.
That this mean that Madison is dead as well?

John tries to convince Althea to keep helping him to find her wife, Laura. But Al chooses to take Alicia and the others to where they want. While packing everything in the truck, John notices a backpack and asks for it, assuring this belongs to Laura (In this moment, and be honest with me, you also thought the same as me, that Laura is actually Naomi) which in a few minutes later is confirmed, when he finds the twin white gun, there was no doubt. Even tho, this resulted kinda predictable I liked it.

Sadly when John realizes this and asks about her wife, Alicia tells him she didn’t make it, she died there by the hands of the Vultures.
John needs to be alone and just “be”. Morgan offers to stay with him while Althea takes the others to their destination.

fear3 - Fear The Walking Dead (S04E04) "Buried"
Questions keep poping and I wanna know what happened to Madison!
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