Supergirl(S03E17): “Trinity”

With another great episode given to us I can say that this episode is definitely a weird one. The episode was an intro to how in the future Pestilence (Angela Zhou) would’ve become if she would’ve survived in this weeks episode! Lets get to the review!

In the episode we had moments where we saw what happens to the human parts of the world killers once they have been converted to full world killer and not hold on to their human sides. The human selves lose their minds, as we saw with Sam (Odette Annable) she literally lost her mind while in that kryptonian forest. Given that Sam was left behind in the kryptonian forest, one thing’s for sure she won’t remember anything. Apparently the forest has some kind of effect to humans that if you stay there far too long, you either end up dead like what happened to Pestilence’s human side Grace, or you have someone to help you regain your memories like how Julia/Purity (Khrys Marshall) had Sam to help out. Sure things didn’t go well Sam and Julia went their own ways into the forest which have I mentioned was a creepy forest? It was a creepy forest.

Kara/Supergirl (Melissa Benoist), Alex (Chyler Leigh), and Lena (Katie McGrath) all venture together in a mind sharing dream or vision, something like that. When the three get there they find Sam only to find that she literally has lost her mind. Thinking that she has killed Supergirl, Lena and Alex. Which is really messed up but not as messed up as how Grace died when she first got to that dimensional forest. When the three women convince Sam to help them locate the base of operations of the world killers. Only to be made by Pestilence and Purity. When the three got back to the real world, Alex was given a new suit. Which I know that there have been a lot of rumors going around for the longest time saying that Alex will eventually get a super suit but truth be told this suit just seemed like a regular upgraded suit that would help her not get hurt a lot more often in the field. Which seemed to do the job and the new gun was a cool improvement as well! We finally saw how much of a tech genius and quick learner Lena is since she had to help out Brainy which was awesome. Cause we finally had moments were we can actually love Lena for the good adversary she is.

Kara had to fight against Reign, even though they weren’t getting through with Reign to reconnect with her human side. Supergirl and the team was able to help Purity remember who she is and Julia helped the team only to die by Pestilence but before she took her last breath she took Pestilence down with her. Forcing Reign to become the ultimate weapon of the world. Now since Pestilence never became Blight at this moment, does this mean that now Reign has evolved into Blight? And the Legion didn’t really fix anything of the future at least thats what I feel. I mean if Reign becomes Blight now, then that means that all of those people in the future and the mass graves still happen just by a different world killer now. So technically the Legion shouldn’t be in high spirits until they kill all the world killers and allow the world to be safe under Supergirl’s protection. I guess we will see by next episode since Reign is now ordered to kill Ruby, which is going to suck. I hope there ends up being some kind of twist that Ruby ends up revealing she has super powers and becomes a super hero. Like I said I guess we will have to wait and see next week!

Next Episode: Supergirl(S03E18): “Shelter from the Storm” airs Monday May 14, 2018 at 8/7c on The CW