The Arrangement (S02E09) “Truth”

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I didn’t quite know what to expect with this episode. “Truth” can be described in a few words. They “knocked us dead”. Literally. Jonathan Abrahams and his fabulous team of writers, TpTb, and cast, keep proving over and over why they deserve to be on television.

Shall we get started?

The Truth Bombs Being Dropped Everywhere.

Jonathan Abrahams the creator of “The Arrangement” discussed with the fans the alternate title for this episode: “SEISMIC SHIFTS”. After watching last night, that is appropriately deemed. I felt my heart coming out of my chest more likely than I care to admit. Then again, when people tell the truth, it could be like an earthquake in someone’s life.

Aaron and Julie:

“You told me I’d be safe and protected.” – Julie Woolth to Megan

When that door opened, and Kyle (Josh Henderson) Megan (Christina Evangelista) and Shaun (Carra Patterson) walked through. I bet that was not what Kyle was expecting. A friendly reunion for old times’ sake. It was nice of them to set Aaron and Julie up in a new place. Kyle facing his past is a big step, certainly. I am just a bit confused still while Megan still wants to marry him after learning what he did to Aaron, you? (Beating a man within inches of his life, not quite an appealing trait for a husband?)

You must question Julie and Aaron’s sudden return right as Kyle and Megan are about to become “man and wife.” They seem to be doomed before they start. Surely, Aaron has a motive. Kyle ruined his entire life. He took his blossoming career from him. In a fit of rage and jealousy, almost took his life. The man is in a wheelchair. (Is he though? Is everything we see real? Do you ever question that?) Terence and Kyle are paying Julie Woolth, who is Aaron’s sister. We now know. A monthly stipend to take care of him. We are guessing this was the case until recently. (Do you think that Aaron’s back to get some revenge of his own? I sure do.) You think he is going to try to blackmail Terence and Kyle? Will it happen, depends? Is it possible that Aaron is apart of the long game: “Terence Anderson’s long game” that is? Every time I say, Anderson, I feel like we are in the “Matrix”. (snorts and giggles)


DeAnn and Wes.

Don’t you find it ironic that “IHM” could have helped Wes. (Jacob Artist). This is a place for mental healing and help. DeAnn meant well, it probably wasn’t a good idea for him to be thrust into the Hollywood spotlight. Now he is using drugs again. It was obvious he couldn’t handle all the pressure. It was too much too quick. So, quickly after his mother’s death. Wes needs to deal and cope with that. Terence wasn’t being so nice and supportive with the “I told you so.” Either. Really, is this the appropriate time?

Terence: his pride and his SON:

The engagement speech. Let’s face it, Terence has the panache for speeches. He must give a class for it at “IHM”. “I’ve known Kyle for a very long time. If you don’t mind. I’m going to speak from the heart. Love, devotion. What we value you most is truth. It protects us most from ego. I wish you nothing but the truth, in your life, love and marriage. “I learned that most from you in life.” Rainbow and puppies were flying everywhere. Seriously, all joking aside. Terence really loves Kyle. It’s a bit unhealthy at times. A LOT more than I want to write about tonight. Terence sees Kyle as himself, his son, and his legacy. He does honestly want to see him happy. Unfortunately, not with Megan. Terence feels she is nothing but trouble for him and his future with “IHM”. Megan is not a problem that Terence can’t fix though. A few weeks at the facility and she will be brand spanking new. A nice step ford wife for Kyle.


The traitor Judas, I mean Shaun:

“I just want Megan to be happy.” – Shaun

“So, do I.” – Kyle

“So, YOU lied to her?” – Shaun

Well, how is that for some hypocritical conversation? Shaun (Carra Patterson), I thought you weren’t going to the dark side. Now, I’m not so sure. You and Terence (Michael Vartan) are quite cozy. You know what I mean, girl. Late nights at work. The next thing we know, you are L-O-V-E in with the devil. You heard me. The man does the worst things possible to people, yet you are living in denial isle. Wake the hell up, would you? How dare you try to feed Kyle any humble pie, when you need to step off that perch. You are not living right at all. The last person to be giving anyone advice on their love-life is YOU.

“You told him everything? “– Shaun

“Everything but I didn’t tell him about you.” – Megan

You see this is how a real friendship is. You should try it sometime. I honestly believe that Shaun is the one who told Terence. It wasn’t Kyle. If she is thinking she is walking out of this, Shaun. She should think again, she is not DeAnn he will through her right into the facility.



Is this the end?

“You lie! That’s who you are.” – Megan

“You’ve been lying to me for months.” – Kyle

You could see this coming a thousand miles away. They lived in a fantasy bubble the “entire” relationship. Now suddenly, it’s the blame game. I guess it’s not all wine and roses. Kyle wines and dines her. They have a courtship that is the buzz of Hollywood. The minute things go sideways, “Oh, you are wrong. Everything is your fault.” Kyle look in the mirror, you might not like what you see. I honestly believe Kyle is “lock, stock, and barrel with Terence and the “IHM” crew. He is a believer. If Megan doesn’t catch a clue and soon. She will be just another audition. A faint memory. Girl, I am on your side. Don’t go down like this. You deserve more. Don’t let the player play you. Beat them at their game. “BURN THE WHOLE THING DOWN.”


“We’re gonna have to figure out what to do about her.” – Terence talking to DeAnn

Is it just me or do you think that Terence and DeAnn are going to have Megan killed? She is obviously a liability. That entire scene at the engagement party was for Terence. I like calling it the “ambush” or “entrapment”. Honestly, I don’t believe Kyle is on Megan’s side. When it the shizz goes down, you better be ready… A wise rapper once told me. You think Kyle was talking to Terence about Zach on the phone, the morning after the “engagement party”. (And I am secretly, a movie star, darling…)

Beyonce at the Met Gala May 7 18 246x300 - The Arrangement (S02E09) “Truth”                                                                                              EDIT: @BAAB_Media

Say NO to triangles everywhere, people!  

I absolutely adore Xavier. (Ruffin Prentiss III). I will let everyone know, I am a grown adult, and I’m not a fan of triangles. I never was. I understand why the writers want to keep the story going. Is this the right way to go though? We saw from the start of the story that there was an underlying pent-up attraction growing between Xavier and Megan. Why the ‘dangling the carrot game’? It’s bad enough we must live with Kyle being blackmailed by the skeevy detective and now his and Megan’s agent? Adults want to watch a well-told love story between 2 adults. You are doing such a magnificent job! Why muddy the waters now with this? Megan ringing Xavier’s doorbell is clearly going to bite her in the behind. Terence is going to lord it over her till the day she dies. Or when Kyle finds out. Even worse, when Kyle and Terence get even, what is the real purpose of this? You see, no one ends up happy in the long run.

My Closing Thoughts: What does Megan think she is going to accomplish here? What is her endgame? Beat Terence at his own game? I would say that is almost impossible. She is not seasoned, trained or matched to do it. She would need an ally. Who you ask, DeAnn Anderson. Getting her to flip would be nearly impossible. IF only he were to do something so unforgivable to Deann that she just would kill him. DeAnn is a woman with no limitations. You see, with her it’s all or nothing. Megan must get to that level. Then she’ll be ready. Until then, our young Megan must continue to play the game.  Buckle up everyone, things are about to get a helluva lot crazier!

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