The Resident (S01E13) “Run, Doctor, Run”

What an episode it was! BIG SPOILERS AHEAD.

If you don’t remember, we left off last week with Nic and Conrad hiding in Nic’s house because she was scared of Hunter. This episode opens with a woman running around crazily and knocking everyone over. We see things from her perspective and she tries to run out of the hospital only to get hit by an ambulance. A man comes in and starts screaming that he wants to see Claudia, and Conrad talks him down.

Meanwhile in the operating room, Dr Bell and Dr Austin have banter in the OR. Dr. Bell shouldn’t even be in the room because he should be focused on actually running the hospital. Austin gives Bell a scalpel and lets him in on the surgery. The patient that always sticks things up his colon, York comes in with his mother. Dr. Pravesh says he hopes he didn’t stick anything up his colon again.

Nic is on the phone with someone and then she hangsup and tries to talk to a fellow nurse who just brushes her off. She goes home and her door is open. She walks inside and she sees her sister on the floor. It turns out she had an oxy overdose but Nic being a (former) nurse, knows exactly what to do.

The woman who got hit by an ambulance, gets a visitor. His name is Felix and he tells Conrad that he wants to see her. It turns out her name is Claudia, she takes in ex convicts, and hires them for her catering company. She seizes while she gets an MRI, and when Felix sees her he tells her she’s going to be okay. They then find out that she has a brain eating amoeba. They call a doctor that they need to cure Claudia but they need $48k.

Dr. Austin does the surgery on a woman while she is awake. Him and Dr. Okafur have a loud argument and he tells her she should either “exit or evolve”. I think he has a secret crush on her to be honest. A friend of a patient who Nic saved talks to her and thanks her. He says if she needs anything to let him know, which catches her eye. She asks him to go to the guys house that stalked her and send him a message. He complies. She goes to the hospital to find nurse Allie who is supposed to give her Lily’s records. She then hears sirens and realizes someone set her up.

They save Claudia’s life, but Bell yells at them anyway. Nic calls Conrad because she got sent to a detention center. She tells him to take care of her sister, and her sister gives Conrad a hard time. He makes her go to a rehab program.

Nic definitely doesn’t deserve this. Lane and Bell need to be fired.