Bull (S02E22) “Death Sentence”

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It’s the season finale & “They’ve lost! ”  TAC’s 1st loss since…forever! It’s  part 2 and the season finale from last week’s “Reckless”  

It begins with  a knock on the door;  it’s a wedding. Lizzy opens the door to Bull. He’s drunk & asking her “not to do this”  She says, ” no  don’t you do this!” ‘ just can’t show up here at the last minute, he grabs her and kisses her. #stopthewedding. It’s a dream & my pleasure that it is! He can do better #JpNunnelly #Liberty  Marissa awakens him. She  brings him a suit. Time for court.

 Elliot Miles is guilty on 2 counts of Capitol murder!

I week later, Marissa’s @ the therapist. #unseen She’s working thru her co dependency, mainly her job, TAC & Bull. She cannot be her… without Bull! Marissa resigns, leaving her letter in Bull’s middle desk drawer.  Before the day is over, she tears it up! 

“You got the  wrong guy” is a note received, with the class ring of Matt Johnson, the murdered husband.

 The DA wants to deal..,again.  Matt scrawls. “I didn’t kill those people”  “No”

Bull thinks the ring is a souvenir, trophy of the real killer; making this case serial. But why the car?  Why did he take the car? Bull wants to find the serial killer in 2 days. ..before the sentencing phase.

It’s an edge of ya’seat episode & I’m thrilled. Bull brought it this season, beginning with the 1st episode. I’m looking forward to season 3! Still cannot believe this is based on Dr Phil. Not a fan. ‘Guess MW brings the cool of the “in real life” doctor. 

And so, Bull visits Matt. He’s ready to die. ‘Love his conviction. How will they do it?😓

Dani visit Mrs O’Neil, the eyewitness.👀 She wears glasses.👓 what?! More than mistaken identity, she lied! She didn’t “see” Elliot, just a guy limping! That’s why he stole the car! It was a necessity. And “oops, my bad” She didn’ t  tell about the limp, cause no one asked! What? !  She needs at minimum a fine or an overnight in jail. In the meantime,  question eye witness testimony.  I always have. #validated

 Emma, (Katie Beth Hall) the Johnson’s daughter, speaks during the sentencing. She goes hard.  Unforgiving.  And who can blame her. #dead parents.

Elliot has to show remorse, although he didn’t do it! Bull begs. “No” He won’t confess, show remorse nor ask for mercy!  So Bull changes his mind. Flip the switch! Go with the “what if?” #interesting  and probably never done before 

It’s time for the other side to speak during the sentencing phase. Professor Jameson is the authority/ expert, prepped by Chunk It ain’ t easy. He’s still an ass. He won’ t say “psychopath”. Chunk insists. He uses it. ..the jury is in awe. The killer is planned, purposeful & organized…a psycho. Matt is NOT a Psychopath The ADA is livid. The Judge issues cautions.  ADA will not allow a re- litigation! Benny was brilliant and cited with contempt. The Judge shuts it down! 

In the meantime, Cable finds a cigarette purchase receipt, in the Johnson’s car.  Is it the killer’s?

Cameras @ the nearby store reveal a fuzzy image.  “He  does exist!”  Like the one armed man! #thefugitive  It now seems part 1 was filler, cause this coulda’ been discovered in one, yet it was worth the wait.

Bull narrows it down to 2 people,  based on selfies!  uh?🤣 It’s Norton. Love it! 

Bull talks to the wife, Georgia (Rebecca Kling) begs her to turn him in (guess she sent the ring) although she’s scared.  She throws him off the property. 

Later that day, Jameson leaves a message with Marissa for Chunk. He’ s feeling teachable and wants Chunk to  speak to his class about Trial Science!  Wonder if he’ll change his failed grade?

The FBI picked up Wayne Norton. The wife brought his “Box of Momentos” The  ADA motions to set aside the verdict!  New evidence! “Ok, done and done”  That was easy.  And all is well. Right? Yes!

But Bull  needs a minute as everybody’s hugging and back slapping, showing appreciation and gratitude. He goes outside, sits on the courthouse steps and calls 911. He’s having a heart attack. Perfection! 

Stay tuned for Season 3 on CBS 👁