Chicago Med (S03E19) “Crisis of Confidence”

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Rhodes and Bekker discussing the one option to save the patient and her baby on Chicago Med “Crisis of Confidence.”

When Rhodes puts himself on the line to save two people, it makes him to make a difficult decision, plus could something be in the future for #Manstead? Here’s a recap!

I think we can all agree that since Robin left, Rhodes has been on a daredevil decisions to save patients lives and what happened Tuesday night proves that he’s can’t pull all those miracles. When a pregnant mother comes in with defected heart, the only way that seemed to be easy was to abort the baby and fix her heart, but Rhodes thinks he can save both which turns out to not the case and both the patient and baby died.

The mother of the patient gives Rhodes one of the hardest moments he had confronted that it’s his fault. It carries on towards the twins separation rundown and tells Dr. Latham and Bekker that he can’t help and wants to be taken out of the group.

Ethan gets a call from his sister Emily, after someone at a party that she was attending overdosed. But the question of what was he overdosing turns into questioning Emily about how pain meds were missing from last week’s trauma event. April questions it to Ethan and he questions Emily about it but it turns out that she really did steal the pills and sell them. But by the time the truth came out from the patient, Emily was long gone to Vegas.

Meanwhile, Dr. Charles gets a letter with a note about Dr. Reese’s father along with news clippings that point to his involvement of murdering a college student. Didn’t want to jump the gun, he does snoop around when he helps Reese grab a few things at her dad’s apartment, which he spots a photo of the same college student in the clippings. Sharon tries to get him to get the police involved, but when he takes a look at a storage locker of Reese’s father, he sees things from books, photos and clothes.

And to the fans of #Manstead, after an emotional moment from last week’s episode, Natalie and Halstead takes care of a young patient, who’s having trouble breathing. Natalie and Will try to find the cause of the illness but her decision, at first doesn’t seem to work, til it actually does and both her and Will share the moment. It put Will thinking that it might be that time, that he ask Jay for their mother’s ring to pop the question.

“Crisis of Confidence” was another marvelous episode of tense to joyous moments. The episode had very strong character development pushing characters to memorable moments. Rhodes pretty much had it coming for a while after performing dangerous procedures that did save lives but now gets a bit of a wake of call. I don’t think that he’ll get over it in next week’s season finale but never say never about a surgeon, this is Conner Rhodes. Dr. Charlies is in dangerous waters right now searching into Dr. Reese’s father stuff. I still think have Jay come and take a look at it. And speaking of Halstead, anyone think that a #MansteadWedding could be possible? As much I would love for it, it might be too soon to think about it. I don’t think she’s ready if he does pop the question. And just when you think someone could change they don’t and I really wanted Ethan to be proven wrong about his sister that she could change from what he had been saying about her. The writing was strong and the performances from the cast was as good but not close to last week’s episode. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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You can catch the season finale of Chicago Med next Tuesday at 10/9c on NBC.