Colony (S03E02) Puzzle Man (Spoilers Ahead)

When Helena (Ally Walker) is evacuated from the block, we learn the fate of the people that where sent to the factory last season, and it isn’t pretty.  The factory was destroyed in retaliation for Bram blowing up the RAP ship last season, and all on it where lost.  We also learned this was just an advanced strike, the hosts where coming now instead of years from now.  When she asked how long they had to prepare, she was told “Not long.”

This episode we learn what Broussard’s (Tory Kittles) been up to since the Rendition, and it’s been a lonely existence for him.  From the clip you can see he’s been trying to piece together the occupation’s true reason for being here, and has been living a lonely life with just the voice on his dispatch keeping him company.  They strike up a flirtation of sorts, and it helps him pass the time.  He continues this solitary life until he happens across  a child hiding in a house on one of his recons.  He goes to help him, then sees his mother Claire (Hannah Levien, Sirens, The Magicians) holding a gun on him.  She wants to escape the Colony but he convinces her to evacuate to another block.

We meet back up with the Bowmans, who’re taking a huge risk meeting up with the resistance for the first time since they’d left the Colony.  They meet a lone woman at the meeting point, who verifies that they do have the gauntlet, then tells them they have to jump on a train to get to their camp.
While Will, Katie, and Bram are meeting the agent, Uncle Alan aka Snyder, is prepping Charlie and Gracie how to pass any interrogations that might happen when they meet the new camp.  He tells them the best way to convince people they’re telling the truth, even when blatantly lying.  Of course, there’s no one one earth better at that than Uncle Alan.  Kind of like getting a Master Class on lying.  Gracie seems to take to it better than Charlie, who stays mute most of the time.
When the Bowmans and Snyder get on the train, Snyder tries to convince Will and Katie about the stupidity of what they’re about to do.  He says they have no idea what’s waiting for them; for all they know they’re headed straight into the arms of the occupation.  When Katie says she wants more for her children than always being on the run, and that he can’t understand what that’s like because he doesn’t have kids, Snyder drops the bombshell that he did have a daughter, but has no idea what happened to her.  After that, everyone’s subdued, but the plan still goes on.  They meet Victor (Waleed Zuaiter), the man who was searching for the gauntlet against his group leaders wishes.  This resistance camp, as we’ll come to find out, is a lot more political than any they’ve encountered before.

Broussard, having gone back to his work after leading Claire and her son to safety, is interrupted by a woman who claims to be dispatch.  She claims Claire and her son were ambushed when they tried to leave and she was the only survivor.  Broussard agrees to help her escape the block, and they leave together.
What did you guys think of the episode?  What was the biggest reveal to you and why?  Do you trust the woman from dispatch?  Is this new resistance going to be a good deal for the Bowmans and Snyder?  What do you think will happen next?  Let me know in the comments down below.