Tokyo Pop: Nightmare Before Christmas Zero’s Journey (Issue 0)

Hey everybody, another great comic review is here! I’m sure by looking at the title you all are wondering what could this story be about well I’ll give you an idea as well as my thoughts about the story so far, so lets get to this review!

Have you ever wondered what could possibly happen after the film ‘A Nightmare Before Christmas’ events? If your a 90’s kid like me or even a parent who showed their kids this film and have been wondering about that question, well good news! Tokyo Pop comics has helped us bring to fruition about what happens after the movie’s events; and this very first issue that begins the story is in fact very interesting! So I’m sure a lot of us are as much of a Zero the ghost dog fan as we are of a fan of Jack and Sally.

The story follows Zero the loyal ghost dog of Jack Skellington, who didn’t have much air time in the film but has did become a fan favorite; in this story Jack is trying to figure out a way to out do his last Halloween presentation, which he wants it bolder, and wants it to also be celebrated by all the other holidays of the holiday doors that we all saw in the film. Having no ideas, Zero wants to play so Jack gives in and plays with Zero by snapping off one of his rib cage bones to play fetch. Only when Zero ends up making a mess, Jack gets a little flustered but chose to play fetch once again only for the bone to go a little too far away from home. Zero then tries retrieving the bone only to be sucked into Christmas land just like how Jack was.

Now I have to be honest, this story really intrigues me especially since its taking place after the events of the film. Cause I was always wondering every time after watching the film even now after watching the film, I always wonder what happens next? I mean they show you that Jack and Sally are willing to give their love a try by the ending of the film. But I always felt like there was more story to tell and of course I must’ve not been the only one who thought that, cause we now have a comic series that will be happening very soon with the first issue being released soon! But now that I’ve read the zero issue which is the beginning issue, if you didn’t pick this issue up during free comic book day you missed out cause it’s really good. Every page I read I was fascinated in what will happen next, what will Jack have for ideas to help celebrate Halloween? But I also have to wonder how will Zero get back home now that he’s in Christmas land? Like I really want to know what happens next!

Now the art in the comic is what really kept my interest as well as the story, but the art is what sells is! Cause it makes you think of how the movie would’ve been like if they would’ve done it in 2D animation instead of stop motion animation. I mean this comic story is all 2D drawn, there’s no 3D in it at all, its just drawn and colored on the computer which is how most comics are done now in these days! The art is what truly sells each comic no matter what it may be, it all comes down to two things the art and the story! The story I knew would get my attention,  but the art is what caught my eye when I was selecting comics from free comic book day! I would definitely recommend this comic series to anyone who wants to know what happens after the events of the film!

Next Issue will be released in July 2018!