Interview with Tory Kittles – Colony

Broussard fast became a fan favorite.  Does that add any pressure to you as an actor?

Nah, no pressure…my job is to live the story within the world that the writers have created, and that’s what I focus on doing. The fan response has been one of those added gifts that come along unexpectedly…and I greatly appreciate it. It feels good to be a part of something that’s moving people.

Your scenes involve a lot of action, running, etc.  Did you have any kind of military training to prepare you for the role before you started filming?

No I never had any formal military training, though the first film I ever did (Tigerland), we went through a simulated boot camp with some Rangers, who I learned a lot from. Also, both of my grandfathers, and my mother were military, so I definitely soaked in a lot of the experiences they would share with me coming up as well.

What’s been the most difficult scenes to film and why?

I can’t say that any of them have been extremely difficult really…difficult are the days when you don’t get to do what you love. I’ve always showed up, knowing that I was very lucky. I was a dreamer, who chased the dream…and I still am.

Colony has some brilliant actors on the show as well as making guest appearances.  Who’s been your favorite to work with and who would be your dream guest star?

That’s a tossup between Carl Weathers and Kathy Baker. I mean, Carl is an inspiration to me, he was Apollo Creed, he was in Predator, he was Action Jackson….but Kathy is a hell of a Baker (pun intended), she would show up with all sorts of goodies, and I’m a sucker for sweets.

How long does it take to film an episode?

It depends on what’s in the script, and sometimes they crossboard so we’re shooting different episodes at the same time, but normally they fall anywhere from 7-9 days an episode.

Do you do your own stunts?

Yeah…so far.

Did you expect the fans to fight for Colony as hard as they did?

No, can’t say that I did…but we have a core group of  #Colonist who’ve had our backs since the pilot episode, and the energy and buzz they’ve created continues to help people find the show. They’re simply the best, hands down, the show wouldn’t exist without them.

Did moving to Vancouver to film change the dynamic of the show?

It switched up the dynamic in a lot of ways. It broadened the scope of it all, offered new story potentials, made it more cinematic in some ways as well. There’s a lot you can do with resistance and occupation when you have the options of mountains, water, city, snow, desert, etc.  You’ll get to see it this season, it’s beautiful.

Why did the show move locations?

For all the reasons above.

What do you think makes Broussard tick?

Freedom. Justice. Liberty. Truth.  Standing up in the face of injustice for others who can’t. I think those ideas run deep in him. Love is in there somewhere too, but it’s a bit further down the list. He’s a hardened man, but underneath it all he has a heart of gold.

Will there be a love interest for Broussard this season?

To answer that would be a #spoileralert

Do we ever get to learn more about Broussard’s past?

There are some hints in Season 2 and you’ll find out more about him in Season 3

Fans on twitter love fanning the “rivalry” between you and Proxy Snyder.  What do you think about that?

Sorry, never heard of him.

Who would win in a drag down, knock out fight?  Broussard or Snyder?

… that a serious question.

What can we expect this season on Colony?

You’ll get more answers this season than in any of the previous ones combined.

Do we get to learn more about the alien politics and why they came?

Maybe…maybe not.

Were the cast worried about being compared to The Walking Dead and what makes your show so different from other apocalyptic shows?

Well on one hand you have zombies, on the other you have aliens, it’s apples and oranges, there’s no comparison, they both can be great in their own right.

Can you tell me something about yourself that would surprise fans?

Mmmm hmmmm……I could…..but I won’t.

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