Boom Comics: Power Rangers Shattered Grid (Issue 0)

Okay guys and gals, not a lot of people will respect what we remember from our childhoods some people might look at us like how we ever kept our sanity. Truth be told we probably didn’t we are just good actors,  but I’m sure a lot of you 90’s kids remember watching every week a new episode of Mighty Morphen Power Rangers series that we all fell in love with. Wither you were a Jason lover, a Kimberly lover (kimberly dang she was hot),  a Billy lover, a Tommy lover, a Trini lover, or maybe you loved a little bit of Zack. No matter what you all remember the first moments when you fell in love with the series and when they exited the show thats when it ended for a lot of us! Well guess what they are back not on screen but in comics, lets get to the review for Shattered Grid!

So I have to be honest when I first saw that cinematic trailer for this comic series I was first thinking, oh man the series is back get ready to bring out my little kid self so I can geek out while watching the new piece. Then I realized it was for a comic and I was even more pumped cause I love comics. But the story though, it makes me want to buy every issue because it has a really good concept to bringing back the old franchises favorites back to the hearts of the 90’s kids who are now all grown up.

The story is that in a part of the multi-verse of the Power Rangers, the rangers we love didn’t defeat Rita Repulsa with the help of Tommy Oliver aka The Green Ranger aka The White Ranger, instead in this alternate world Tommy Oliver aka The Green Ranger aka Drakkon killed the Power Rangers and allowed Rita and him to rule the world and destroy it recreating the world in their image. Only Drakkon doesn’t want to stop at ruling his world, he wants to rule the whole multi-verse by killing the Power Rangers on every earth. The only way this madness will stop is if our Power Rangers; Jason the Red Ranger, Kimberly the Pink Ranger, Billy the Blue Ranger (my favorite), Trini the Yellow Ranger, and Zack the Black Ranger will unite once again after being retired for so long to defeat the great evil from the multi-verse. Zordon of course tries to have an audience with the great divine protectors of the galaxy but the great protectors say they can’t do anything instead the only ones that Zordon can now count on are the old Rangers, will they come back or will the world burn? Find out when the issues are released every month!

I have to be honest this comic series is literally the first one that I picked up on free comic book day cause it’s Power Rangers, it’s the one thing that i loved from my child hood okay one of the many things I loved from my childhood. And to see this now becoming a comic series with a whole new story to tell after all these years I feel like this will be the story to close the saga with the original kids forever and if any other threats come then the samurai rangers will have to deal with it thats my thoughts on this.

Power Rangers Shattered Grid (Issue 1) is available now at your local comic book shops!