Interview with Isaiah Mustafa – Shadowhunters

I had the fabulous opportunity to speak with Isaiah Mustafa about the current season of Shadowhunters and also got to learn some new fun facts about him too. The whole conversation was a total delight and I am very thankful for Isaiah having taken the time to talk with us. I started the interview as every Shadowhunters based interview begins with asking the big question: Who is the biggest prankster on set? I of course stumped Isaiah, replied with a laugh and told him I was only kidding. We all know the true answer to that question.

I want to dive right in to Luke and Maryse. Can you tell me anything about them?

Yeah okay so, like the Book fans they all know their past and everything but the TV fans don’t really know where everything started from with the Circle and what not. So I think the past Luke and Maryse scene was kind of giving you little information as to their history and it wasn’t great history. They were at odds and were rivals. But now they have both gone through tremendous heartbreaks with Robert who went to the Los Angeles and Jocelyn being killed now they are in the same boat. They were both excommunicated, they don’t have their runes anymore. Luke is now a Downworlder and Maryse is a mundane. Now the gate work is set for them to kind of get to know each other on a new level — there is no baggage. There is a fresh perspective for both of them and they can relate a lot with both of their losses and also both having been Shadowhunters at one time.

Also Maryse, she’s a mother of three Shadowhunters and Luke is taking care of Clary, Simon and Maia. They’ve got that in common now too. Playing off of this, How has playing Luke changed you as a man and does playing a father on screen and being one in real life have any impact on one another?

Man. Oooh, Yeah. I do draw a lot from my personal life depending if it’s a Clary scene or if I’m talking to like Simon or Maia — one of my “three kids” on the show — It is hard. As for affecting my real life…That doesn’t happen too much. My real life more so affects the character Luke than Luke affects my real life. It makes it easier because I can relate immediately to what Luke is going through.

Well, I saw the photos that you posted of your daughter Hayley at prom, now that she is getting older with boys and stuff I guess there’s some relation there to Clary and Maia in a sense.

Oh that’s exactly what I need. Oh man Honestly, I ask how to act with Hayley sometimes..It’s a little bit different than how Luke would act with the other two.

A couple of weeks ago I had asked you about your twitter icon being Luke’s contact photo in Ollie’s phone. What’s that about?

Yeah, you know what. It’s funny you say that. Emeraude said the same thing. When they were all watching the episode she goes “Whoa, what’s that? That’s like your twitter icon.” And I said I know I hate it being blank so they found that picture. It was just the funniest thing to see. They just threw it in there and Emeraude says “What’s that doing in there?” And I said I don’t know.

So speaking of Ollie, how is Luke going to react to her now being possessed by Lilith?

Now, he has to get his partner back. Because he let her into this world reluctantly now he is responsible for taking care of her. He feels like he has to get her and save her without hurting her or Jace. In the next few episodes that is going to be very tricky.

You recently started posting a lot of your photos that you’ve taken and took a big jump into photography. What was the first thing that you took a photo of that made you stop and say “Hey I actually want to be serious about photography.”

Well actually happened was this, It started from me wanting to get more into Directing. So I bought a camera and I thought I better learn quickly. The more I started to take pictures the more I realized that hey, this is fun. Then I started to take pictures of scenes that I might want to do and then I got pretty invested and I was just like man, now I have a hobby that I love and is so much fun.

I think it’s awesome that all of you [the cast] up there [in Toronto] have kind of taken on photography. Do you guys ever go out together and just start shooting?

I go out with Alberto and we shoot a lot. I’ve never gone out with Kat though. Matt never been with. Harry once or twice. But Alberto and I we share a lot of information back and forth.

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I don’t know. Good question. You might see that come in 3B or even you know, maybe the future.

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Wow. Great question. Okay so, yeah again. More responsibility for Luke. He loves responsibility. It’s going to be like Cheaper by The Dozen. [Laughs] Yeah, that’s funny. um yes. I think he would. I feel like if he did have kids of his own he would have to say “Alright guys I’m sorry but I have my own kids to take care of.”

I asked Isaiah some this or that questions too.



Breakfast or Dinner


City or Country side?

Oh man. That’s a tough one. Can I say the foot hills?

Waffles or Pancakes.


Dine-in or Take-out

Man. It depends. I’m going to say this a lot of times I call for take-out and then I get there and I end up eating there.

Sky Diving or Scuba diving?

Oh hell no! Scuba diving. You will never catch me jumping out of a plane.


Awh, I love my city. Los Angeles.

Clary or Maia

Wooooooow. You’re trying to get everybody to hate me. Clary or Maia? Um, I think he’s going to lean Maia- Clary you see she’s built in. With Maia he has to try more because she isn’t his own. He needs to keep an eye on her and protect her.

Jocelyn or Maryse

Wooow. You can only love the living the way you can love the living. I think just because Jocelyn isn’t around — Maryse. If Jocelyn was around then of course Jocelyn.

Don’t forget to catch Isaiah in the 2 hour mid-season finale of Shadowhunters next Tuesday, May 15th 8/7c on Freeform.