Interview with Wavyy Jonez

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Wavyy Jonez plays Christopher Wallace (aka Biggie Smalls) on Unsolved: The Murders Of Tupac & The Notorious B.I.G.

I recently had the opportunity to interview actor and rapper Wavyy Jonez, a very talented and positive individual. Keep an eye on this young man because he is going places!

I understand that when you heard about the audition for the part of Biggie, you thought it was a scam?

Yeah, you see stuff like that on Facebook and the internet all of the time. Just to see that I said, “ahhh man, that’s another one of those little scams”. But I tried it anyway, I mean I can’t lose anything, I tried it and they called me back.

That is a very inspirational story. Many people let their fear or someone else’s negativity get in the way of going for what they want.

You never know what could happen. You have to try, try everything, just to see what will happen, you never know where your success could come from.

I understand that you are a rapper of your own right?

I am, I am. We are doing a lot of different music now. I got a couple of different songs coming out. I just released one called ‘I’m Not The One’ on iTunes. That’s making a little bit of noise. I just look forward to keep making music. 

Are you still in the studio now or have you wrapped up? 

Oh no, the thing about music is, being an artist period, you have to keep creating. You have to stay in the zone because you don’t want it to ever get away from you. Especially if it’s something you really enjoy doing. I don’t want it to ever get away from me. I’m still in the studio, even when you release them, you have to keep working. 

Aisha Hinds plays your mother in ‘Unsolved: The Murders Of Tupac and Notorious B. I. G. Did she have any advice for you on set? 

She said to just “Be me”. I will never forget there was one day, we were actually wrapping up, it was going to be our last day on set together. She said, straight up, “ You really came out here and held your own. Most of the time, new actors don’t hold their own. They are not really able to comprehend what’s going on around them, but you were able to get out there and hold your own with veterans”. She gave off great energy. Every time she came on set, it was just good energy. I love her and it’s awesome to work with her, people like that, you need. She’s never negative. I may have flubbed a word and she was never negative about it, we just worked together. She’s a wonderful person, I just love her so much! 

I read that you were raised by a single mother

Yes, yes it was just me, her and my brother, that’s all it was. So, just to be able to see me walk through these doors and to see these things happen to me, that’s huge for her because a lot of people thought that we weren’t going to be anything. A lot of people said bad things about us. So just to see me be able to do this and see my brother doing what he’s doing, it’s all great for her. It’s just a different energy these days. 

Did you guys have any traditions when you were growing up?

Every year on her birthday, you know our parents take care of us, through your whole life they take care of us, so every year on her birthday we gotta do it big. I gotta do something for her. We go out to eat, we just spend the day together and we just celebrate her. You have to celebrate your parents, you only get one pair of parents. My best friend is my mom so every year I celebrate her. I take her out to eat and we do a bunch of things. 

What advice would you give someone trying to break into the acting or music business?

My advice is, have no fear. Definitely have no fear because a lot of people are going to try and tell you how to move and what to do. You respect what they tell you, but you gotta find your own way in it. You gotta really stay strong and go for it, if this is something that you want to do, then you gotta attack it. People are always going to try and wish their downfalls on you because they weren’t able to do it. You gotta be the one to know where you’re going and just doing what you’re doing. Never let anyone stop you because you can make it like anyone else can. 

Do you have any special plans for the finale episode? Are you watching with the rest of the cast?

Absolutely, we are watching it together. May 1st (the date of the season finale) is not only Greg Kading’s birthday, but it’s the day he was assigned the Biggie case. All of us are trying to get together and celebrate him and to watch the show together.

What do you love most about the cast and the crew of the show?

One thing about Unsolved is, it gave so many people the opportunity to show their skills. It gave so many new actors a chance, so many forgot about, a lot of veteran actors a chance to showcase that talent once more. To put them back out there in that limelight. Unsolved has been a blessing to us all, it gave a lot of people jobs. Everyone was so attached to the case, from the cast to the crew. We had a phenomenal crew on that set, such a great energy everyday. Our director Anthony Hemingway, our writer Kyle Long, everybody was so into this case and really cared about what happened to these two. It’s been a phenomenal experience and I thank God for it. 

Look for Unsolved: The Murders Of Tupac & The Notorious B.I.G   on Netflix soon!

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