Legion (S02E06) “Chapter 14”

Ready for the madness? Well this episode of Legion surely brings it. Though it seems like some randomized chaos, this is rarely the case. The lengths the writers go through to captivate its every growing audience is profound, leaving you wanting more insanity. This series seems to deliver in every single way, it’s so hard to find shows that can hook you at first glance.

Welcome to the living nightmare. As we explore the depths of the many lives of David things get weird, really fast. This is something we have all come to expect from this series. It makes it stand out from all the others out there, cementing their mark as an obscure and enthralling television show.

legion222 300x162 - Legion (S02E06) "Chapter 14"
One of David’s alternate identities. (Google)

Don’t let the calming pace of a life well lived fool you. This is only to lull the viewer into a false sense of security, especially when David (Dan Stevens) is beyond his breaking point. Reality is so obscured, you can’t help but get yourself hooked in the story line, almost believing that normality is part of this turbulent world.

David seems to be doing everything possible to avoid the demons that haunt him, especially with what has recently come to light. The staggering loss of his own blood has consumed him, leaving him to his own devices. This is the great undoing, but it surely won’t be the last. He has persevered thus far, and there’s no turning back now.

legion3333 300x169 - Legion (S02E06) "Chapter 14"
Madness takes even the strongest. (Google)

A theme of overwhelming sadness consumes this episode. Reliving every moment of his former life, no stone unturned. The memories all bring him back to his sister. Perhaps the timelines he is so adamant about collide to make this hellish reality come to life. There is always truth within the madness, and this may be one of them. It’s all and yet nothing at all.

If you don’t leave this episode questioning your own sanity, then you are doing this Legion thing all wrong. That’s the wonderful thing about this show, it takes you to places you never thought possible. Not only is it an entertaining block of television, it makes you question everything. There is something rather alluring about the unpredictable nature of this show that keeps viewers holding on for more.

What is apparent in all realities? You don’t want to piss David off.

Farouk ( Navid Negahban) is always hiding out in the shadows, there is no escaping his grasp. It’s something David must face head on. What is real? Well that is up to you to decide in the end, which is coming sooner than we think.


The next episode of Legion is on Tuesday, May 15 on FX at 10/9c.


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