NCISNOLA (S04E22) “The Assasination of Dwayne Pride”

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It’s part 1 of the season finale and Pride is in trouble.  More trouble than  all of The Hamilton ‘s & Clearwater’s combined, cause the enemy this time is unseen, unknown and out there, with deep pockets. Pockets deep enough to influence parts of Higher Government, like Justice #DOJ

Somebody or a bunch of  somebodies, wants NCIS N’awlins shut down and Pride ruined.  Character Assassination is the weapon of choice. And it  is working!

And so we begin with upbeat jazz,  playing in da’club and Dwayne is having drinks with Loretta. Having fun, talking and hanging like old friends do.  Sebastian runs in branishing a news  article that says Pride is abusing power. Front Page headlines! Although taken out of context it’s very damaging, cause it’s true…kinda!😕


Oliver Crane  (Mark Gessner) is editor-in-chief of this rag,  doing the expose on Pride. He begins with the Carson Donner photos (Sins of the Father) his beating & loads of other confidential info, released to the public. So who’s doing this? Who’s the source, that the journalist won’t release? #privledged

 ‘Worried about collateral damage and those innocent getting hurt, Pride sends LaSalle over to Oliver’s with Gregorio…it shoulda been Percy. It doesn’t go well. Gregorio’s agitation is captured and it goes viral. Yet she manages to get a case number, that leads to  Petty Officer,  Amanda Bowers,  sister of Leonard  Bowers. It’s an old Pride case  and it look’ s like “Amanda’s  Revenge”.  Leonard’s in prison.

 Amanda appears to be the leak. But now she’s dead & we’ll never know. She’s found on her bed, bullet to the back of her head. The place is scrubbed clean. #spicandspan

Meanwhile, The streets are protesting, the Pride news. Wonder what Vance is thinking about this? He needs to cross over for thus special occasion. #rockycarroll  

And my least favorite recurring is back. Rita Devereaux (Chelsea Field)  From D.C, she brings & confirns  the news, “they are” after Dwayne & The DOJ wants to shut down NCIS & Pride gone. Character Assassination. #fakenews. And the BOTS are out… everywhere!  Patton is on it.

It’s  Clearwater…again. It’s also affecting Loretta. Authorities question her bias. Sebastian concludes the bowers prep has a beard, per what he found in Amanda’s sink. Love him 😍

 Pride & Estes ( Matt Servitto) are atracked by Clearwater residents, when talking with Marcus Green, (Berto Colon) the man who threw a brick at Pride. The population is pissed…@ Pride.  He cost them jobs! They have no idea, they ALL coulda been underwater!  They get away. ..barely Green can ID the man who paid him 1K to slug Pride  His job was to keep  the 💩 stirred and fuel the mob #success

Max Burris is ID as the payee and probable killer.  He has a beard 👊 Yet his attorney, Dell Whitman (Michael A. Newconer) arrives: No evidence, No charges, Let him go!  So they let him go. *snap

In the meantime,  Pride is with Karen (Sharon Conley)  AUSA  from The Justice League. She’s back, with balls & back up. She’s tuff & barks orders. “Sit down! ” And so he sits! 💺

Karen  starts with Carson Donner & the alledged  abuse of power.  Pride is in deep💩 And  so for ol’times sake, she speaks “off the record”  letting Pride know, he is being indicted, the Grand Jury is convening as they speak. . Get a lawyer fast!  Bell tolls. 🛎

These episodes seem to be Clearwater, part 2. And although, it was done very,  very  well last season, I’m looking for something a little bit more for the finale.

But “no worries” even with the same ol,’song, The N’Awlins Gang, always comes thru. They’ve mastered, “Never saw that coming!”  And so I’ll stay tuned for the next episode.

NCIS New Orleans airs ,  Tuesdays @ 10:00 p.m. Pacific Time on CBS 👁

 3 trumpets 🎺🎺🎺

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