The 100 (S05E03) “Sleeping Giants”

The sky meets the ground again!

This season keeps getting better and more brutal each episode. The crew from Eligius is definitely not an enemy you want to cross paths with.

As we saw in the first episode, Clarke is determinate to protect Madi at all cost. She was able to take down a few of Charmaine’s men, but it wasn’t enough. They showed their tremendous and powerful weapons they have, sorry Clarke you and a rifle don’t stand a chance.

She decides to hide Madi in a small cave under a tree and lead away the bad guys away from there.

Up in the sky Raven and the other managed to land in the Eligius ship, after a little turbulence, don’t beat yourself up Emori, it was your first time! Anywayas, they enter the ship and split into groups to search the fuel and see who are this people.

Murphy, Bellamy and Echo ended up finding a large room with people in an induced sleep, cryogenisation. Wow, keep adding the Sci-Fi elements! There are too many of them.

Suddenly one of them waked up by remote controlled from earth, and they barely were able to killed him. So after that battle and discovering this people are mostly criminals they discussed what to do with them, either kill them all now or keeping them alive as leverage, they chose for the later.

the1001 - The 100 (S05E03) "Sleeping Giants"
Raven tried to work a way to use a remote as well in order to operate the cryogenisation machine and kill them if needed once they are on the ground, but the only way is to do it there manualy. So that’s how Raven chooses to stay in Space along with Murphy while the others go down.

the1007 - The 100 (S05E03) "Sleeping Giants"

Back on earth, Clarke is captured by the new villains. She plays the “I don’t speak English” game for a while, after Charmaine threats to kill whoever is out there if she doesn’t talk, she finally speaks.
The leader of the new group asked Clarke what happened after the world ended, here comes the funny part when she replies: “Which time?”
What have you been doing all this time fellows?
It turned out this people are from the old world, even before the bombs that ALIE programmed exploded, killing the world for the first time. They were sleeping for almost 100 years, ergo they had no idea of what happened.

the1003 - The 100 (S05E03) "Sleeping Giants"

Out of all of them Shaw seems to be the calmest and understandable guy, I see a potential ally in the future, but let’s not get over ourselves.

Clarke swore there weren’t more people besides her and Madi, imagine Charmaine’s surprise when they men found Bellamy and the others after they landed. This resulted in Clarke being tortured by the sadistic McCreary with a electric collar. (side note: I wanted to jump into the TV and stop this guy so bad).

Surrounded by the armed guys, Bellamy and the others almost lost the battle right there, but Madi came to the rescue (I love this kid so much already)

Of course, she recognized them, thanks to Clarke’s stories and drawings. The younger Griffin was being electrocuted again and again until it stopped when Madi and Bellamy drove the rover there, thank God!! Bellamy threats Charmaine with killing their sleeping if they don’t cooperate.

the1002 - The 100 (S05E03) "Sleeping Giants"

Finally the worlds are colliding again.. just imagine when Octavia and Wonkru resurface from the underground.