Empire (S04E16) “Fair Terms”

Nessa?! 🎤 #songbird.  All of this season and past…,nothing. And then Shine “dies” #murdered and she’s  back?  *sigh. #budget matters ? Never the less…I’m GratefulScreenshot 2018 05 09 18 42 38 1 300x300 - Empire (S04E16) "Fair Terms"

The story begins with, “Hey mama” Mama Cookie’s reply: Do you need a kidney?!😁 They hug. Cook sees pictures, wonders how she has these and she wasn’t there, was she?  She had a long lens. Telescopic #camera  Sweet. Cookie wants/needs something stronger than tea.  #whiskey

Across town, Thirsty arranges to distribute Shine’s body  parts. ..errywhere! He’s involved on this level ? 

Jamal is uploading The Collective. Erry body’s giddy & happy. Even Tory!

Renee is her name. #mamacookie She takes pictures & teaches.  She fixes toast. They laugh. “Lo Lo” is like her. Can they have anything? ! Let’s try. Nice scenes. Alfre Woodward’s  fan girl here. 

Andre comes  to see dad. He reports the Eddie, Anika situation. The Board will not accept his resignation. He’ s still…”number 1″  They’ll call a count. They’ve got Shine, But-but, Shine is dead! Andre ain’t happy bout that;  coulda been an ally.  But, “Oops”….too late. His replacement now controls the vote.

Lucious wants to put “Humpty Dumpty together again”  cause without a body, he ain’t dead! Selfish reasons. All I thought about here were his many baby mamas & many kids. Many!

At Shine’s memorial, Lucious needs to buddy up to Shine’s wife, Tiffany. (Tiffany Oglesby) The real wife; although all the baby mamas are there, too. He gets close. Ever wonder if there are other lil’Lyon cubs out there?  🤔

Nessa sings #freedom and looks good in black.  Nessa walks right past Andre, no words. Lucious does a eulogy #RIP dear friend. #wow  smdh 

In the audience are  Becky & Jamal. Becky proclaims, “shoulda let Shine hit it”Ewww.  #tmi .. and I bet he didn’t ask. 😝

Dre & Jamal make up. Aww  #hugs & apology #brothers 

Eddie shows up at the Memorial. He charms the widow & offers his  services during this difficult time.  And he still wants to deal with Kelly Patel & then  retire in Turkey! Lucious still says  “NO!” Eddie walks away. Confident #smiling

Lucious is desperate. He needs Tiffany to talk biz & Shine’s shares. But it’s Nessa; he gave it all to Nessa! #BOOM 👊

Beckman Poser is directing a movie & Hakeem is offered the role of a rapper.  He’s shook & a fan of Haven ( Cassie Ventura)  his  #megastar  co star.

Andre is talking to The Rev ( Malik Whitfield)  He still hates Anika. #forgiveness  Then Andre apologizes to Nessa.  Cookie does too… almost. She can’t quite get the apology out.  Why does she dislike Nessa?

Anyway, Lucious begs & then  gives Nessa  the prime  20/20 spot and more promises. She agrees & trust Lucious finds who killed his friend & her brother. Smdh What a waste! 

Eddie meets with Anika over fast food Chinese.  #highsodium Eddie plans to destroy “House of Empire” Lucious’ latest joint. And does, but “saves the day”

Beekman Poser (David Pasquesi) the director   is…”Hollywood Shuffle” personified. #Roberttownsend  Hakeem, “Not black enough” is fired He walk’s away, waving the good finger 🖕 Poser wants Jaden Smith now.  #wypipo  #blackactingschool But Haven, who previously shunned him, is impressed. 🤔 

Eddie high jacked the showcase with a Blake pic @10 years old #nazi  Boos all around. Although his daddy made him do it, Eddie fixes it; banning Blake from Empire #traitor Staging a coup  

Hakeem kisses Haven full, on amidst flashing bulbs & Tiana’s,”Janet Jackson ” dance.  Tiana sees & is distracted so dances  harder. Lol. 

Tonight was another filler with a few nicely placed  surprises. Renee meets her grand sons.  #sobs #hugs Hakeem may have a new bae  “Hollywood Shuffle” shout out to Robert Townsend 👊 And Vanessa’s ( Sierra McClain)  back with the power vote to save Empire!  Oh. And Jussie Smollett directed! 👍 #jamallyon

There’s 2 more episodes till the finale. My greatest interest being “how will Eddie go out?”  I hope it’s quick. Don’t want to see him in season 5

Empire airs, Wednesday’s @ 8:00 p.m. Pacific Time on Fox 🦊