Gotham (S04E21) “A Dark Knight: One Bad Day”

Jeremiah (Cameron Monaghan) promised a new beginning for Gotham and last night he began to deliver in a BIG way. Power dynamics are shifting quickly in Gotham. Jerome unleashed a monster when he set Jeremiah’s crazy free.

***spoilers ahead***

Crazy Unleashed

Gotham started the night with a literal bang. Jeremiah pulls no punches and after telling Harvey (Donal Logue) that they have 6 hours to evacuate the city he makes his demonstration. Farewell clock tower. At the 6 hour point, BOOM, he’s bringing down Gotham to make himself a clean slate. 6 hours to evacuate what’s essentially New York City? When Harvey protests that it’s not enough time, Jeremiah just shrugs, after all, it’s not his problem.

Bruce (David Mazouz) in typical Batman fashion, feels like everything is his fault. He financed Jeremiah’s research and paid for these bombs to be built. Except, not really. I mean, what he financed was research into a self-sustaining energy source – which Jeremiah then corrupted into bombs. I wish someone would smack Bruce and remind him he doesn’t control everything. Of course, Jeremiah is happy for Bruce to feel this way, we’re already seeing the seeds of the Joker’s obsession with Batman.

If we needed more proof that Jeremiah is off his rocker, we get it when Riddler (Cory Michael Smith) is able to decipher the plans for Gotham’s destruction. Jeremiah plans to bring down select buildings in order to make Gotham into a maze, a labyrinth similar to his bunker.

We see Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor) lead a short-lived attempt to blackmail Jeremiah, sorry Oswald, this season is not your highlight. In the end, Harvey gets to be the hero of Gotham, disarming the bombs and saving the day. It’s about time!


Jeremiah is determined to drive Bruce as crazy as himself. In what was absolutely the most heartbreaking scene of the show, Jeremiah lures Bruce into a trap with Alfred (Sean Pertwee). Bruce sees Alfred being tortured and pumped full of crazy gas, all displayed on flickering screens around him. Bruce finally breaks through to Alfred, only to find him insane, cutting his own mouth and then attacking Bruce. Cat to the rescue! Selina (Camren Bicondova) takes down a terrifyingly scythe-armed Scarecrow to free Bruce. I breathed a huge sigh of relief when it was revealed that Bruce had been under the influence and Alfred was ok. I just can’t stand for anything else to happen to Alfred.

We can’t breathe a sigh of relief yet. After Jeremiah’s bomb plans are foiled he gets a surprise new teammate. The other Bruce obsessed villain around – Ra’s (Alexander Siddig) is back. Jeremiah shows up just after we get our first BAT/CAT kiss (FINALLY!) and…shoots Selina!!

Where We Stand

Next week’s season finale is looking like it may change everything. So yet again, everyone please pray for renewal. Going into the season finale there are a few things we need to know:

  • Penguin is on his own. After a total failure to blackmail Jeremiah for $, Butch seems to be done with Oswald
  • Barbara and Tabitha still have the female side of the League – we’re assuming the guys are with Ra’s but haven’t seen them
  • Selina is NOT dead – previews for next week show her being wheeled into the hospital
  • Jeremiah and Ra’s as a team terrify me. Crazy combined with age-old wisdom promises bad things for Gotham
  • Riddler spied a tender moment between Jim and Lee and the green jealousy monster is not a pretty sight
  • Jim is not out for the count, that man keeps on ticking and Jeremiah is intent on stopping the man he thinks is the only one who can stop him

This show is so much fun, over the top entertainment. Yes, it can be cheesy at times – but let’s be real, that’s been a plus of Batman for its entire run on tv and this is no exception. I can’t wait to see what happens next week.

Gotham is on Thursday, May 17 at 8/7c

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