Star (S02E16) “Take It or Leave it”

Alex is showcasing onstage…alone. Principle Sportswear is the product she’s selling   Simone & Star are side lined and asked, to hold Ms Crane’s coat!  What?!

Gran’ ma {Lotty} & Gran’Pa {Jahil}  are at the hospital, awaiting news on Jayden. They’re so cute together. Too bad they can’t get it together. Like #ma&pakettle

Maurice & Natalie are called on the carpet & fired, by Ayanna.  Maurice for being incompetent and Natalie for double dealing and double dipping with her Security Company.  

Maurice talks his way back in, promising to bring her…”The Next”. He plans to separate the girls, going after Alex. Yet Natalie encourages him to not be so limited, go after #Star After surfing the net, in desperation, he  looks no further! #manwithaplan

AA  (Andy and Angel) decides to split up, pressured by Ayanna, who drops them from the tour. This will break their contract with Jahil, who they think cannot effectively represent them together. However, Jahil is at the hospital & isn’t there to defend his nor AA interest. #yourefired

Screenshot 2018 05 13 00 31 25 1 300x231 - Star (S02E16) "Take It or Leave  it"

And at the hospital, Cotton & Keisha go at it. K  not wanting “nothing” from Cotton, “cause she ain’t Arnold”. Not even her blood for their baby boy. She appears kinda homophobic & says, “don’t know where you been” *sigh “Can’t we all just get along?” #kanyeshrug #rodneyking

Star is rehearsing by herself. Her group is …”scattered” doing other things it seems.  Jahil encourages; Maurice watches from the shadows   #sly #slick #predator

Andy does Cassie.  #thenasty She then backs Andy financially, when she finds out he’s in need.  #kaching 💵  She “hires” him to do “personal assistant” stuff  #Boytoy

He does a pick up & delivery and really  doesn’t know what’s happening; til it’s happening!  He’s over his head! Both of them! He has no idea how far down the rabbit hole he is! #drugs And who he is messin’with #gangstagal  Brandy is really good in this role.  “Who’da thunk it?”

Maurice taunts Star, in the guise of encouraging her breakout. He calls her “Killer” again.  *sigh Just kill him.  Star calls him on it. He backs off, for now. But she needs to tell Simone of her memory. Then  find her dad😥 #RIP Brody #wasted

Screenshot 2018 05 09 18 58 25 1 300x186 - Star (S02E16) "Take It or Leave  it" Noah is drinking. He has a personal flask and a 5th in his bag; ‘Looks like Hennessy. He needs to take the edge off, he tells Carlotta, who wants him in rehab.

Alex is late and Noah’s nervous.  But no worries, Star jumps the stage and sangs right along with him.  #duet 🎤She knows the words?! They sound good.  The crowd roars. 🎵#breakaway🎶 it was very good. He’s better with Star anyway.

But Alex was in the dressing room, running late. She hears the song and slaps Star thereafter, calls her garbage. Well they did kill it! 👏👊

Meantime, back at the drug den and Cassie’s place: Andy’s dumb ass, steals cash from Cassie. #Deadmanwalking $15k Thinking she won’t miss it  

Simone & Angel have a moment of trust She talks about Otis. He says the words. 😍 #ily #myship

Maurice is sleeping with Natalie. She encourages him to break out Star. Forget about hurting Carlotta. ‘Strickly business

Star looks hungry enough to jump solo, anyway.  Especially when Noah says, “no one can replace, Alex”  when questioned by the press about their duo  #loser She hears him and he’s looking right at her. So go for it!

 Back at the RV, Simone is ready. 😍 #sex She’s almost naked and summons Angel. But “Knock knock”. Special delivery,  DACA request is denied . He has a notice to appear.  Didn’t know he went that route! “Don’t ask don’t tell” 😕 #ICE

And at the studio, Alex works with…Jax uh?! Proclaiming “Screw Star” and takes his beat to work with it. #competition

Star sneaks with Maurice to download the Noah joint they did live.  #rutroh She’s jumping

And finally Andy gets it, methinks! He watches Cassie shoot a guy, point blank who she thinks has her $15k. “L” on the forehead.  👆 Indeed…over his head. #gangstagal

I’m surprised.  I’m liking this season. “Who’da thunk it?!”   As we near the season finale, it’s edge of ya’seat. Stay tuned. 

Star airs, Wednesday’s @ 9:00 Pacific Time on Fox 🐺

4 Stars