Blindspot (S03E21) “Defection”

This week’s episode of “Blindspot” heavily featured Jane’s emotions but that doesn’t mean that it was light on action. Let’s get to the review.

Before we get to the review though, there is a good news. Blindspot has been renewed for another season. Honestly, I was kind of worried about the fate of Blindspot. But now I can breathe easier.

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BLINDSPOT — “Defection” Episode 321– Pictured: (l-r) Jaimie Alexander as Jane Doe, Sullivan Stapleton as Kurt Weller — (Photo by: David Giesbrecht/NBC)

The case of the week
First off, I’m going to get all the action-heavy stuff out of the way. Remember last week’s episode? The FBI team got some security codes of some pretty important landmarks from Lynette, Avery’s godmother. They believe Crawford is going to infiltrate them but which one they have no idea. Also, these codes are functional only for the next 24 hours. So, whatever’s going to happen it’s going to happen soon.

One of the buildings that the security company handles has been broken into and a chemical is stolen. Jane figures out from her memory that the stolen chemical is a part of an explosive. Roman still needs to steal the other part. Wonder twins Patterson and Rich figure out that the stolen chemical and another chemical named MMH( trust me, you don’t want to know the full name because it’s long and complicated) can be used to create a massive bomb. But the problem is Jane doesn’t remember, where Roman is going to steal the MMH from. Only one person knows that. Now, guess who? Shepherd. So, the FBI team organizes the transfer of Shepherd to the FBI headquarters. Shepherd gives the location to Jane but as you can guess there was drama involved but more on that later. But the team is too late & now Roman has gotten his hands on the chemical. Now, is a matter of determining the target, which is the United Nations.

I don’t know about you but this bombing thing is getting pretty repetitive to me. I mean just every bad guy’s ultimate plan is bombing an import building? seriously? Anyway, the team manages to neutralize the bomb. But Patterson the genius figures out that the bomb was only a smoke to get the target out. Which happens to be, the leaders of two African countries. So, it was not a bombing but an assassination attempt. Jane and Weller cross path with Roman and his band of baddies but they manage to escape with the leaders. This brings a win for the FBI which is always a plus.
Now, that I’m done with all the action-heavy stuff, let’s delve into the minds of our characters.
This episode dived deep into Jane’s mind and how she feels about Roman. To understand her feelings about Roman, we have to analyze her scene with Shepherd. We all know that Shepherd is a monster but today we get to see a different side of her. I guess being in the custody of the CIA can do that to a person. Shepherd apologizes to Jane for trying to tear her and Roman apart. She tells her that there is a bond between them that is unique and deep. Shepherd tried to break that bond but making them compete against each other. But see, here is the thing Roman always lost to Remi. What I could understand was that Roman lacked the confidence he needed to win against Remi. He has been always dependent on her. He thinks that he needs Remi to function. So, that dependence and lack of confidence have always put him at a disadvantage against Jane. This explains why the betrayal of Jane has been so hard on Roman. To him, his lifelong crutch, a part of himself has been taken away from him. But, don’t think this is a one-sided thing. According to Shepherd, Remi also needed Roman. He is a part of her. So, Shepherd begs her not to kill Roman. Later, Jane confesses to Weller that even after everything Roman has done there is a deep bond between them that she can’t deny. This is the reason she has not been able to kill Roman, even when given the chance to do so. This makes Jane wonder if she can live after Roman is gone.

At the end of the episode, Jane decides that Remi couldn’t live without Roman but Jane can. Because she is a new person and she has built her life without Roman. She can continue to live it even after Roman is gone. This was a painful scene to watch, to me at least. I have been rooting for these two to reconcile from the beginning of the season, but I guess that is not in the cards anymore.
From Roman’s hallucination last week we knew that something was wrong with him. From this week’s episode, it becomes clear that Roman might be sick & he’s quite aware of that. This makes me worried about him. Don’t get me wrong, I know he’s the bad guy but he’s also a person who has been wronged his entire life. So, I can’t help but feel for him. From Shepherd, we got to know that Roman and Jane have always competed against each other. And Roman always lost to her. No wonder, this week’s loss took a heavy toll on him. At the end of the episode, Roman fixes the tattoo database to play one last game with Jane. He wants it to be fair and he wants to win.

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BLINDSPOT — “Defection” Episode 321– Pictured: (l-r) Audrey Esparza as Tasha Zapata, Rob Brown as Edgar Reade — (Photo by: David Giesbrecht/NBC)

Zapata & Reade
These past few episodes have been hard for Zapata. From losing Patterson to confessing her feelings to Reade. On top of everything, she lost her job at the CIA today. Keaton turned out to be a real snake and threw her under the bus, for something that he told her to do. But, cheer up people, Zapata and Reade finally decided to stop thinking about their feelings and start doing something about it.
This week’s episode set the stage for next week’s season finale. If you thought this season has been about the FBI vs Crawford, then you are wrong. This season truly has been about Jane vs Roman. And next week we are going to get just that. Even though it’s painful for me to say, I think the chance of Roman getting out of this season finale is slim to none. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what really happens.

Blindspot airs Fridays at 8 / 7c on NBC.