DC Comics: DC Nation (Issue 0)

Alright everyone, I have another comic book title to give to all of you for a great review! So lets get to the review!

Okay in this comic issue from Free Comic Book Day we have three comic stories that intertwine with each other to help readers get closer to know who all is coming to Batman and Catwoman’s wedding! I will get to that in a little bit cause it goes into one of the first story of the three that are in this issue, but I will recommend this issue highly especially if you are like me and waiting for July for the issue of the century or is it September, its one of those two months.

So in the first story which is titled ‘Unexpected Guest’ is about the greatest villain of Batman; you guessed it The Joker! The Joker breaks into a man’s house who apparently is invited to Batman and Catwoman’s wedding but Joker really thinks the invitation is really meant for him. After all those two have been at each other’s throat for so many years why wouldn’t Batman want the Joker to come? I know stupid question but the question itself is kinda funny if you think about it. Joker waiting in this guy’s house for like the whole day is starting to get frustrated and if he’s not happy he kills people, but there’s always a catch with the Joker. The Joker then receives the man’s invitation and claims it as his own after killing the guy telling the guy when he’s happy he kills people who saw that coming, everyone of course! But now we know The Joker is gonna be at the wedding with a bunch of superheroes attending as well this is gonna be awkward.

In the next story ‘Undiscovered Worlds’ the Justice League go on a mission finding that a threat has come to Earth with the help of Lex Luthor, while on the mission members of the Justice League ask Batman if they are invited to the wedding, of course they are all invited, who wouldn’t want The Flash coming to that wedding to give off some nice speed grooves am I right? The team eventually gets onto topic with the mission where they all have to split up to neutralize the threat, Batman has his group called the Dark League, Wonder Woman’s team The Light League, Martian League, and Suicide League, yeah there are way too many leagues now in DC I feel like they need to kill off some of these leagues. I mean since when did Lobo become a hero and stop his villain mission to defeat Batman forever? I know that Harley Quinn has been helping Batman out every now and then in the newer comics which is why she has the title of Anti-Hero now which I totally respect. Harley has really stepped up her game since she first came into the comics as only the villain lovingly obsessed with The Joker, but finally they have her as no longer obsessed with The Joker and finally steps out of his shadow to be her own character and being successful shows that people truly and will always deeply love the character that actress Tara Strong brought to our screens as an experiment in animation and ever since then has been successful on animations and comics.

The last story is ‘Unknown Origins’ this story was kinda not necessary like at all. We all have read and watched on films and animations Superman’s origin story! I mean they’ve even made a television series that started the CW Arrowverse even known as Smallville  back in 2001, sure Smallville was successful and I think we all love how it was when it was on television for its run. But do we really need another retelling of Superman’s origin story of how Krypton blew up? Apparently we do, because thats what DC Nation Issue 0, has brought us is another retelling of how Brainiac destroyed krypton and how Superman aka Kal-El escaped through his little pod as a baby! Honestly having this retelling it almost bored me cause this retelling was not as great as the first time it was done which the original telling of the origin was a phenomenal read sure I’m not a huge Superman fan cause I always thought Superman was a cheater having all this strength, all these different powers, to me it’s always been a big cheating superhero thats what I felt. Sure Superman is about hope, about being the American Alien Patriotic type, but as for his powers go I feel like he cheats! Everyone is open to their own opinion am I right?

Next Issue will be released next month!