Interview with Miles Mussenden

Hi everybody, I had the honor to be able to interview a great actor who is quite familiar with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and with an upcoming television show joining the Marvel family I thought it would be nice to pick the brain of this awesome actor about the upcoming series known as Cloak and Dagger! Here’s my interview with Miles Mussenden:

Hi Mr. Mussenden, it’s truly an honor to be able to interview an awesome actor such as yourself!
Thank you very much that’s really kind of you, you know you could just call me Miles.

Q 1) When you were first brought on to the series Cloak and Dagger what were your first thoughts about being Cloak’s father?

Tell you the truth it’s hard to put a finger on what I was thinking because the world was spinning it was so surreal. The first thing I remember thinking was “Wow! I get to have a teenage son”.

Q 2) Did you do any research to learn more about the role that you’ll be playing?

At the time I didn’t find any information specifically about Otis/ Cloak’s dad. However, I felt a really strong connection to the role and I felt like I knew who this dad was just from the audition material I felt like the character and I had the same instincts so I was already well connected.

Q 3) With this series being a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe or I think it’s a part of that universe, how awesome does it feel being a part of that large Marvel family?
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. I know you saw that Roxxon sign in the trailer so we are somewhere in that universe. Funny story, I bumped into Anthony Mackie at the airport. Now he clearly didn’t know me or anything about the show at the time but I felt so connected to him since we are both in the Marvel family I went up to him to give him a pound and I said hey cousin with a big Kool-Aid smile. I think he was unsure of how to react because he had a strange look on his face as if he was trying to assess whether I was crazy, eventually he gave me a nod and a brief guarded touch on the hand and kept on walking.

Q 4) I noticed that you played a small part in a Marvel film before, what was it like playing in the Spider-Man Homecoming film as a Park Ranger?

I had a lot of fun on that one. Kind of felt like I was a kid again, our trailers were quite a bit away from where we were filming so we all kind of hung out in the same trailer that was right near the set. I got to hang out a bit with Zendaya and the young cast and they were really cool everyday people. The only challenge was that there were some delays and I didn’t get to do my scenes, except the one where my character was introduced. That scene ended up being a somewhat controversial yet memorable scene in the film.

Q 5) In Cloak and Dagger series is there anything you can tell us about your character other than him being a father to a superhero?
Well I hope it’s safe to say this Otis Johnson is a tough but loving father who struggles at times to overcome past trauma. He believes in doing what is right, because it’s right, and doing it right. But his beliefs will be tested.

Q 6) Did you know anything about Cloak and Dagger before you heard about the television series being made?
Actually I did not, I did most of my research after filming. Mostly so I could interact with the fans and know where they’re coming from when we talk.

Q 7) How did you get into acting? Were you inspired by anyone or was it just something you felt like you wanted to get into?

In grade school Mr. Brandon my music teacher would make me do these hammy musical numbers and inspirational speeches in the auditorium for the school. My teacher Martin Ritt took notice and started taking my class to Broadway shows and putting on these plays with me as the lead bad guy. Before I knew it we were taking the show on the road which was great for me because I became popular and I didn’t even have to go to school all the time like the other kids.

Q 8) I also see that you’ve acted in Marvel’s Luke Cage which that first season was phenomenal, what was it like acting in it?

I enjoyed my first little adventure with Marvel. Especially liked playing a bad ass. Just saw the trailer for season 3, looks amazing.

I’m pretty sure he meant Season 2 but thats okay at least he told us that the trailer looks amazing for Luke Cage’s next Netfilx season!

Q 9) I also noticed that you acted in Mr. Mercedes series which is another phenomenal series, how much fun did you have acting in that series?

Let me see, lights and cameras mounted on cranes that were a hundred feet in the air, riding around in armored vehicles, shooting assault rifles. Man I was like a kid in the candy store.

Q 10) If you could take one cast member from Cloak and Dagger out on a night on the town who would it be and why?

This is a tough one because I really like all my cast-mates. I guess if I had to pick one I would say Emma Lahana who plays Bridget O’Reilly. Emma is one fun-loving lady, we actually hung out a lot together, I even tagged along when she went to Disney World. We may have made an inseparable bond when we went on the Avatar ride for the first time together. She could definitely be my ride-or-die on the town.

This interview has been a lot of fun and I really hope I get another opportunity to interview this awesome actor again! Thanks for reading my readers and until next time enjoy the read!