Marvel Comics: Venom Lethal Protector (Issue 01)

Hey everybody, so because of the Marvel/ Sony film Venom coming out later this year I felt that it would be respectful if I reviewed one of the awesome storyline ever created in the history of Venom! It’s also influencing the Venom film a whole lot, but don’t worry the film really isn’t going that much by the story line only plot points in it! Lets get to the review!

Okay so, in this comic story Venom and Spider-Man have come to an agreement to end their century long rivalry with each other. Spider-Man makes Venom agree that if he no longer hurts people  and no longer kills, then Spider-Man will leave Venom alone forever, but one act of violence and the agreement is off. Venom agrees to the terms and leaves New York City and goes to San Francisco to start a new life. He even started a blog to get back into his reporter shoes once again to help himself to stay busy. When Eddie Brock/Venom starts investigating a company that is said to be experimenting with pieces of symbiotes to create symbiote soldiers for the military if learned how to be controlled. When Eddie chooses to become a mole spy to help bring down the company, he starts becoming the governments weapon to finish missions easily without making a huge mess as the symbiote alien Venom.

I honestly have to say that reading this first issue as a 9 year old kid was really exciting because Venom has always been my absolute favorite character in the Marvel Comics Universe. And with this being Eddie Brock/Venom’s first ever original stand alone story it was perfect. I still love reading it to this day! Any comic book collector should always have this comic series in their collection. This comic series really brought a game changer to the table cause not only does Venom have one offspring but ever since this comic series Venom now has six offspring’s and here’s all their names: Carnage, Scream, Agony, Phage, Riot and Lasher. Yeah a whole lot of offspring you might think but the symbiote can’t help it it’s his reproductive cycle even though five of them were forced out of the symbiote so that they could become the military’s symbiote soldiers but plans didn’t work as everyone might think.

I deeply recommend this comic to any fan of Venom, cause we all know that Venom is that awesome, bad ass, anti-hero who will always try doing whatever it takes to survive. But we also know that Venom has that amazing tongue, and don’t you readers go to dirty places when I mention that tongue that Venom has. But I think that what everyone truly loves about Venom is that he has the same powers as Spider-Man, he has every power matched except for spidey sense, Venom doesn’t have that. But it’s Venom’s actions that have all made us fans of the great alien being! So what are you waiting for go check out this comic story I guarantee that you will love this story as much as me!

Venom Lethal Protector issues 1-6 are now available in a full graphic novel!