Riverdale (S02E21) “Judgement Night”

Riverdale delivers a packing performance yet again in this week’s episode. Episodes like these are what initially drew me to watch the show. The portrayal of the story line in this episode was beyond outstanding. The actors really outdid themselves in this episode which makes me quite eager to see what they have in store for us in the finale.

This episode took us through quite a roller coaster of emotions especially with how last week ended. To see the writers make Cheryl (Madelaine Pestch) stand up to the Black Hood  was really empowering. The audience has always known she’s a bad ass  but actually seeing it on screen was a thrill. The writers really promoted feminism in this episode through her character. The show has impressive strong female characters that promotes actual feminism unlike in some shows.

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The reveal of the Black Hood was predictable but the back story behind it wasn’t. Who knew Hal (Lochlyn Munro) had it in him to be that twisted. I must say Lochlyn Munro’s performance in this episode might have been my favorite out of all the performances. The confrontation between Alice (Madchen Amick) and Hal was nothing short of amazing. I really enjoyed watching Alice give Hal the cold hard turth. The snippet of information given has definitely elated Falice shippers as now they have assurance their ship is real.

hal 300x180 - Riverdale (S02E21) "Judgement Night"

What really surprised me the most in this episode was learning that Reggie (Charles Melton) wasn’t responsible for shooting Fangs (Drew Ray Turner) rather it was Mrs.Klump. It saddens me to know that we will no longer see his character again. Despite his minimal role in the show his character was interesting enough to have me wish the writers had explored more of him.

With the mess the town was already in due to the fight between the North Siders and the serpents, the return of the ghoulies worsened the situation. Who knows maybe in the next episode Riverdale might unite as a town and stand together to fight the ghoulies. It seems highly unlikely  but i still hope it happens because that would be one hell of a showdown. Their return resulted to us seeing a trio which I would like to see more of in season 3. I hope the writers give us more scenes with Fred (Luke Perry), FP (Skeet Ulrich) and Sherriff Keller (Martin Cummins) and develop a friendship between them. It would provide an interesting arc,

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Learning about Hiram’s (Mark Consuelos) involvement with the return of the ghoulies  wasn’t surprising. His character has always seemed conniving and calculating thus making him such an interesting antagonist on the show. His character seems predictable at times and yet still mysterious  making him a rather complex character.  We are yet to learn about the extent of his plans but I’m really glad his family has learnt about his shadiness especially involving the death of Papa Puttin and the death of his henchman.

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The ending scene in this episode brings a lot of sadness to Jughead (Cole Sprouse) fans as we are faced with the possibility of his death. As much as his death will bring an amazing revenge arc it seems highly unlikely since fans will not take it lightly. To find out if he really dies tune in to the season finale next week to learn how this season ends and finally get answer.

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